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Well hello there fabulous friends. We have a great feature for you today, so kick back and grab a glass, we're hanging with the most ahhh-mazing blogs in blog land.

Hi! My name is Joelle, and I'm a young wife from sometimes-sunny Southern California who's just trying to figure life out. I fill my time trying new recipes; exquisitely complicated things that either turn out to be the best thing you've ever tasted, or the worst. I'm a writer by nature and I have a thousand stories in my head that are just dying to be told. I have a little apartment that I try to decorate, and it's definitely a work in progress. My goal in life is to become a wine sophisticate, or an oenophile, if you will. The only thing I love more than shopping (and my husband, of course), is finding good deals while I'm shopping. Oh, and I have a strange fascination with proper etiquette and geography. 

My husband and I went wine tasting for our honeymoon, and on our very first stop, the second day of being married, I just happened to pick up a book with a cute cover while waiting to get our first tasting. It was called What Love Is, and I cried the moment I opened it.

Because it's about us. It's short; the subtitle says A Fable for Couples, so I'm going to give you the first few pages of the book.

Their first touch was at seventeen when the moon was high and her hair was soft and her skin was warm and her lips were full and her heart beat fast against his chest. 

As he looked at her looking at him he had never seen anything so beautiful...

And he thought, 

"Now I know what love is."

Another touch was at twenty-three when the rings were placed, and the sun was high and the church was bright and her gown was lace. 
As she looked at him looking at her, his eyes were moist and his voice was soft as he promised to be true forever...

And he thought, 

"Now I know what love is."

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posidanielle said…
Wow, that book sounds amazing. I totally got goosebumps while reading this! Thank you for sharing your blog! Love it!
vintch said…
gorgeous. i flipped through a novel while waiting on our wine tasting last summer, and it was awful. i'd love to have read this:) thanks for sharing!
mskanorado said…
Thank you for sharing your blog and sharing about the book! It sounds absolutely wonderful!! :)
Joelle said…
Thank you all for reading our story and visiting my blog! It's so exciting to have a feature up!

Chrissy said…
Hey - nice meeting you! Will hop on over right away!
Hugs xxx
ALELY said…
awwww....that was sweet!
Eschelle said…
what a lovely intro I will definitely add her to my list!!
Anonymous said…
Hey, congrats on the feature! Heading over to check out your blog. I love the photos that you shared here :)
b. lee said…
what a toe-tappin', snazzy birthday pic of the two * I must get that book myself ... my love & I started "courting" at 17 & married at 23 ~ ~ ~ excited to check out Love is Home * *
onlyvic said…
oooh. il look for that book, too especially that my boyfriend and i are planning to get married soon. yey! =)
That sounds like a great book!!! Headed to say hello now!
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