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Tales of a Hockey Wife....

Tales of a Hockey Wife

Fourteen years ago, I met my husband.  When I first saw him it was definitely love at first sight.  I assumed he was a business man, since he was in a suit.  Little did I know he was a professional hockey player.  Since I did not know a thing about hockey...I was none too wise about the man I had just fallen in love with.  At first he played in the city I was raised in.  I would attend games when it would fit into my schedule, usually arriving at the middle of the 3rd period.  I had family, friends, and a life...hockey was just the job my boyfriend had.  I would see other players and their wives/girlfriends come and go, but never understood the true meaning of being in a relationship with a hockey player.  The third season we dated, my boyfriend was traded at the trade-deadline (an annual day of nerves for many players and wives/girlfriends).  I flew back and forth as my job would allow...and helped celebrate a championship that June. After 19 years as a professional player, my boyfriend decided it was time to hang the skates up and begin a career behind the bench as a coach.  Another move.

Ok, again...this is not me.  But man I wish our uniforms were this cool!
At this point, I also began a new career as a flight attendant.  Though we lived in separate cities...I was able to hop on a plane at a moment's notice and fly home when my schedule allowed.  The following year , another team (another move) for my boyfriend and also after September 2001...I was placed on furlough by my airline.  I too moved to the new city and watched my husband coach.  I often went to games (still often late)...since I didn't know a soul.  Going to a game felt like a social outing.  The following year, another team (another move)and I returned to flying.  That was also the season we became engaged after almost five years of me showing the utmost patience!!  As I flew back and forth (and back and forth)...I planned our wedding.  But as an early wedding gift...my fiance was once again looking for work.  A life in professional sports is not always the most steady line of work.  I had taken a voluntary furlough and was not flying....but still, our wedding went off without a hitch!
Double Surprises...
It's a Girl
My husband found a job...and I found out I was pregnant!  Our first child would be born at the end of the regular hockey season....how about that for good timing!!  So another team (another move)!!  We settled into our new city and I even flew for a few months before calling it quits.  Our daughter was born at the end of the season...and at the same time we found out we were once again moving with the change of affiliation!  But no tears from me...we found out our new city was my hometown!!  We packed our things with a giant smiles on our faces.  How wonderful...we would spend the hockey season with my family...and then our summers at the cottage with his!  Life couldn't get any better.  We even bought a home...because this was such a great situation for us!  Until the end of that season...another affiliation change and another city AKA...another move. We packed up our things...with much sadness and said our goodbyes. When I had first left my family...it was an adventure that awaited me.  This time felt different!  We sold our home and decided to rent from now on.

Our new city was actually a great town...we were there TWO WHOLE YEARS!!  However, we always return to our cottage each summer...so I still had to pack up our things and store them for the summer...and unpack them in a new home the following year.  No rest for a weary, hockey wife with one small child...we soon would welcome our second child at the end of the second season along with the news that my husband's contract would not be renewed.
And then There were Two Children
With two children in tow, we packed up our things and...moved to a new city and a new team.  This no longer felt like an adventure...this was now a lot of work, and a majority of it was all done by me.  I find the homes, I manage the moves, I set up utilities, I arrange the house, I find the babysitters, schools, etc. etc.  My husband focuses on his job and I am left to do the rest...and at the end of that season...I have to repeat it all over again!

Another affiliation change and another move!  We think this will be a secure move and we purchase another home.  I go about my duties of setting up our new life in a new town...my husband travels and is gone often, and I am very lonely.  I meet wonderful neighbors and begin to make close friends. (Something I don't allow myself to do so often....as it is always easier to say goodbye to a city without feeling like you are leaving close friends behind!)  We have lived in our home seven months when we learn we are no longer returning for a second season.  This was a tough move, as we now had close friends, a house, and our oldest was in school.  

Our Great Neighbors....We Miss You
So here I sit...in our new city.  We have now been here for two seasons...and are hoping to return next year for a third.  Both children are in school and I have settled into our (rented) house...made friends, work a small job, and am quite happy.  Although I only see my family once a year...this year, I spent my first Christmas home in over eleven years (my husband was unable to travel with us....so our family Christmas was done via Skype!!)

Christmas Pajamas
I have not seen my husband in over a month...as he was on a road trip before I left to visit my family, and he is on another trip upon our return.. He will come home in 5 days...only to leave again four days later.  While he has been gone we have had many big snow falls (I have shoveled more snow than should be allowed), there was a carbon monoxide leak (requiring a new water heater), our pipes froze in our pool house (requiring me to stay up until 2:00 am thawing pipes with heaters), a backyard rink to maintain, and two kids who miss there daddy! 

When I met my husband it was love at first sight...I love him and the hockey comes with it.  In the beginning, it is one big adventure.  However, after 14 years, 12 cities, and 2 kids later it still is an adventure.  It can be lonely...it can be crazy, and it can be tiring.  Would I trade it?  Depends on the day.  Would I marry my husband again?  Yes!   Hockey has given our family many blessings along with many headaches!! 

I would invite you to follow along as I tell tales of my day-to-day life as a Hockey Wife!

Thanks for sharing! Head over friends. Enjoy the day! 


Great post. Thanks for featuring it.
Crystal said…
I'm sure it's hard holding down an ever-moving fort...but I'm sure you're doing a great job! And it sounds like hubby is pretty great too! you have a sweet family...thanx for sharing with us.
Slidecutter said…
Loved your post and let me congratulate you on being a Featured Blog....well-deserved!

Chrissy said…
What a great feature! Love it!
Fabulous feature! I am a huge hockey fan...and I always wonder how the other half deals with all the moves, injuries etc. You brought it all home! Bless you and your family for sticking through it all!

Applesauce Inn B&B
posidanielle said…
Great feature and I must say that I really do enjoy reading her blog! She is so wonderful!
Hockey Wife said…
Congrats on the feature!!
Marie said…
Great post, I am really enjoying my first visit and I am following now.
Ross said…
Really great post I'm glad I found your site and now read it regularily!!
Liz said…
You sound just like me! The longest we have ever been in one place was a year and a half. I can blame the military (kinda) now, but we have had 13 addresses in 11 years. Our oldest turned 5 a few weeks ago, and has moved 6 times. I have 3 kids....you are right...the adventure spirit of moving and experiencing new places is long gone. Oh to settle down and put down roots!

I commend you for your positive perspective and glad to have read a bit more about you. Hold on to what is important!

Liz @ lil-LIZ-bits
Ashley said…
What a fun feature! Those pics are awesome. :) XO

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