Featured Blog: The Sparacino Chronicles

Hi friends, we hope you are enjoying your long weekend! Enjoy today's feature...

I’m Lenette and I blog about my family, life, food, photography, faith, and lots of random stuff. My blog is The Sparacino Chronicles I also Twitter. A lot! You can find me there at @mommysparrow
I’ve been blogging for two years and I love it! I love looking back at posts and seeing what we were doing a year ago, a month ago or last week. I know so many memories will fade and it’s great being able to look back! I have a degree in Hospitality Administration but right now I’m a SAHM. I’ve been married to my awesome hubby for 7 and a half years. We have a 5 year old feisty little girl and a 4 year old little boy. Their birthday are 3 days from being exactly a year apart! Fun times! We live in Arkansas and we love our Razorbacks!

I’m so glad to have found FTLOB! I can’t wait to get to know some of you a lot better. If you like my blog, go ahead and follow! I hope not to disappoint! I am so friendly so please follow on Twitter too! I like to have fun and share what’s going on with me and I love seeing what other people are up to too! That’s what is great about blogging! See you soon!


Slidecutter said…
Welcome and Congrats on being featured, Lenette! FTLOB is a wonderful place full of lovely people who make you feel right at home!

Looking forward to your posts!

Chrissy said…
Yay, congrats on being featured! Coming over in a minute! xxx
Aw! She sounds very nice!!! :) Welcome to FTLOB!
KY said…
Loving your site! Just tweeted ya :)
Galit Breen said…
Happy feature day! I'm exited to have found your site and am looking forward to some great reading! :)
Lovely! What a cute blog! :)
Jenna said…
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Jenna said…
Thanks for sharing!

I also love that blogging is a creative way to document life through both words and pictures... I also love the unconditional support other bloggers provide eachother through blogging :)

Ross said…
Really liking your blog! Look forward to reading more of your interesting posts. Welcome to the FTLOB community!

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