Featured Blog: Ruby Woo Loves You

I truly believe that every woman should have at least one tube of red lipstick in her arsenal. I don't care if you're classic, edgy, or even bohemian. Every. Body. Should. Wear. Lipstick.

Hi, my name is Tierney, and I am obsessed with having red lips.


In fact, I love red lipstick so much that I created my entire blog around my favorite shade--Ruby Woo by MAC. For me, red lips are about more than being beautiful--it allows me to cling to a time when ladies treated every day as an opportunity to dress up, where heels were the norm, and when femininity was something to aspire to--not be ashamed of.


Ruby Woo really does love you, and she wants the entire world to be as fabulous as she is. We talk about everything we love: vintage, glamor, style inspirations, outfit posts, leopard print, makeup, and everything nautical.


We're horribly obsessed with shopping, and we're lucky enough to have some amazing photographer friends who don't mind teaching us a thing or two.


So, if you love leopard print and red lipstick, you'll probably adore us. I promise you we already adore you!


Tierney and Ruby Woo




Hockey Wife said…
Too cute, heading over now!
MsBabyPlan said…
I L.O.V.E, the red tights ;)!
Chrissy said…
Very cute! Hopping over - now!
Hugs xxx
Tierney said…
Thanks so much everyone! So excited and honored! Xoxoxoxoxoo
Anna Elder said…
love the read! i really wish i brave enough to wear it. just found this blog through chasing davies. love the theme.
posidanielle said…
I love this girl already!! I love red lips!! i don't wear it enough, but when i do I feel so glamorous!!! Definitely heading over there now!
I am following you through the blog hop. Please follow me at http://thecryptocapersseries.blogspot.com
Poekitten said…
Love the read shoes!
Antoinette said…
Gorgeous photos. Those black boots look fantastic on you!

So fun!!! Maybe I need a tube of red lipstick now... ;)

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