Featured Blog: Our One Sweet World

Hi there lovelies! I am *S....
I am a thirty something mother of 1.
Meet J.
{I call him Bug}
I am married to my best friend.
We met in High School.
Meet the Husband, T.
{He has many pet names, Cupcake is one of them!}
Together we are T&S
& this is
Our One Sweet World
I blog about life, love and all things silly & random..Oh & moments I want to remember.
{an online journal if you will}

I have had the opportunity to connect with some very awesome people in the blogging world and it makes me happy!

I have a slight obsession with Starbucks.
I'm kind of a techy nerd.... I love me some gadgets
& I want to learn more about photography.
T& I love date nights.
We love love love Movie's {we own over 500 and counting}
We also love Music.
{Don't even get me started there.. ha!}
Dave Matthews is a Favorite.
{also a slight obsession in our house!}
& we totally like to go to the movies & rock a licorice straw in our soda pop.


b. lee said…
just checked out Our One Sweet World ~ it's a lovely corner * *
Ms. Blasé said…
CONGRATS! I'm gonna check out your blog right now!!!
Unknown said…
Licorice straws are the BEST!!! :)
Jenna said…
What a cute family! I also think date nights are the best and I can't wait to marry my best friend :)

On my way to check out more now!

Lindsey said…
Nice to meet you! Can't wait to check out more :)
Missy said…
Awwww It's nice to see you are still with you high school sweetheart. :-) We have that in common and I love Dave Matthews.

Love your blog. Check my blog out.
Adorable couple! Starbucks is YUM! I love music too and am a movie addict. I will check out your blog! If you have time, stop by. I blog mostly about managing my life as a working mom in my 40's trying to stay fit and healthy. http://hungrigyrl.blogspot.com
Devonay said…
You are fortunate to be with your sweetheart! I have a doodle bug, but I usually call her Lumpkin. I'm off to check out your blog now!
Crystal said…
What a great blog. You are such a cutie! Congrats on your feature. I love silly and random...that's what most of my stories are too. We could totally hide...I mean, hang out at Starbucks together. And I think my hubby and I are pretty cool, too. Have a great weekend!
Liz said…
Can I just tell you that I simply adore your hair in the pic of you with your hubby?! Soo fun!
s|davis said…
Thank you to you lovely ladies at FTLOB's for posting this!

& Thank you to all you lovelies that stopped by. I'll be checking you all out very soon. Must get caught up from being on vacation.

@b.lee - aww thank you. :)

@kassi - you are 30 ways of awesome for thinking Licorice straws are the BEST! ;)

@Jenna - Thank you darlin'..

@Lindsey - Nice to meet you too miss. :)Thank you

@Crystal - Lets totally go hide in starbucks. any day. any time. ;)

@Liz - Thank you, you're too sweet. xo

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