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Good Day Friends. Welcome to another great feature. We just wanted to thank each of you so very much for sharing your journeys. It's amazing how well we can connect with one another....Enjoy!

Before I start rambling about who I am, what I am and why I'm here, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have already followed my blogs, for all the wonderful comments you have shared and for all the giggles and laughter too. It's so nice having friends from afar, to feel connected and virtually embraced … this is why I love blogging.

My blog is called A Ladybug's Life simply because I love ladybugs. I collect ladybug trinkets and I sometimes take photos of them. I consider myself a bug. No, not the one that gives you the flu or a computer virus. The lucky kind. My life can be considered lucky. Lucky that I have escaped all the hardships and pain from my past and from the people who tried to manipulate me. My blog is about my life at present after all the storms. It's all about positive vibes! Well, a few earthquakes here and there. I'm located at earthquake-friendly Bay Area California! w00t!

I randomly talk about my activities with a private group I organize called Reckless Seekers in Facebook. Most of the time I would share my adventures together with my heart-husband Alan. We actually met through my Reckless Seekers group when it was still in Meetup. We both love to bike and through a biking event we met. If you see the words heart-husband, heart-children and heart-family, I do refer to my boyfriend, his kids and his family. I think that's helpful to know when you're reading my blog. There are times that I do call him, his kids and me as "my heart-family" as well. It's cute that way. Well, I like cute things. HeHe

You would have read about how I have associated myself with the California Repercussions group. I presently am trying to learn how to play an alto saxophone. My beloved is the one teaching me. He plays a bass saxophone and goes to a lot of gigs with California Repercussions, the Stanford Band and the UCDavis Aggie Band-uh. I love live music!

There will be a lot of Filipino food recipe sharing in my blog page too since I'm 100% Filipina or Pinay. Aside from that, I normally share my poetry. I love to write sonnets, but it doesn't mean I stop there. I experiment with lots of different types of poems. That is, if my muse kicks me to the curb. LOL

Since I was born in a tropical country, I love everything outdoors: walking, hiking, biking, white water rafting, paint balling, running, watching all outdoor sports possible and every kind of outdoor event. I'm always curious and always on the edge of something. Gee, not the drug kind okay. LOL

Well, I hope you'd drop by and say, "Hello!" I would love to visit your page too. 

Thank You So Much for being here! Now go show some love


Katie said…
This is a lovely summary of yourself and life. I am stopping over to view your blog right now. I love the photos, that you write poetry and your beautiful heritage.

This is so neat. I love ladybugs too and you seem so fun!
TexaGermaNadian said…
Yeah for you brownbugz! Congrats on your feature!!! :)
Oh wow! Thanks FTLOB! I'm speechless. Teehee!
b. lee said…
adorable * excited 2 see more :)
ALELY said…
hi! found your site on mom bloggers club and so happy i found it! love your all about me post and grew up in the bay area myself moved to the sac area after having kids and now in charlotte, nc!

looking forward to all your filipino recipes! oh, how i miss having the convenience of having filipino food to order/pick up at a restaurant. we have zero-zilch-nada filipino food in these parts!

now following you and will be reading more!
Aw ladybugs are fun! Headed to say hi now!
Cams said…
very nice! i look forward to your updates!
Chrissy said…
Nice to meet you! I love ladybugs and so does my daughter Leonie!
What a nice feature!
Hugs xxx
Thanks everybody! I will try my very best to visit each and everyone's blog page. Do bear with me. :-) I love to read your blogs too! Looking forward to your posts as well.

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