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Hello again friends...we have a fresh new feature for you.  Meet Lesley of Ireland Ever After!

Hello!  My name is Lesley Hager, well actually, it’s Lesley Concannon, now.  I haven’t quite gotten used to the new last name since I married the love of my life in September 2010.  I’ve created my blog, Ireland Ever After, because it reflects my new life. 

You see, my husband, Barry, is from Derry, Ireland…a good, whopping 3 or 4,000 miles away from me here in Charleston, West Virginia.  We met nearly three years ago despite the fact that we are on two different continents, and no, it wasn’t an online meeting either, it was a chance meeting in person, fate, if you will.  So, Barry and I, unfortunately, haven’t gotten to have a normal courtship. Nope, no dinner or movie dates here. 

Our courtship consisted of Skype calls, emails, texts and bi-monthly international visits—either I would go to Ireland or he would come here to visit.  We knew right away that we were going to be together forever, as corny as it sounds.  In fact, it was such a powerful bond between us, it inspired me to write a book, Coincidence, which is loosely based on our relationship. It was published in November of 2010. However, being together forever is easy to want, it’s not so easy to do because in order for us to be together, one of us was going to have to move to a different country.  Since Barry has his own business in Ireland, it made more sense for me to move there, which I am doing.  And, this is where my blog, Ireland Ever After, comes in. 

I’ve created the blog to detail my experience (and by experience I mean anxietiesJ) with moving to a new country…the preparation of doing so (moving myself along with my two cats and away from the place I’ve lived my whole life) and then once I get there (hopefully within the next month) the blog will focus on adjusting to life in a new country, not only a new life but a new MARRIED life, which I hear is different ;0).

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Liz said…
Lesley! So good to meet you, and I am totally in love with your blog and your life. My mom, sisters, and I are going to Ireland this summer. I may need some tips on where to go :-)

I am corney too then....together forever is w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l.

See you around!
CityGirlChic said…
Hi Lesley,

Congrats on being featured! I'm heading over to you blog now!
Yay for Lesley on being featured!

I love her blog and am definitely going to have to check out her book--it's more fun to read books when you know a bit of the behind the scenes stuff :)
posidanielle said…
Love this!! And I'm not too far from Charleston!! It's amazing that you are moving to Ireland! I would love to visit there some day. I am definitely heading over to visit your blog now! :D
Alida said…
good to meet you!! off to check out your blog!
DebbieM said…
Congratulations!! Lovely story.
LesleyRH said…
@ Liz--Absolutely! I'm happy to give an traveling tidbits I can!

@CityGirlChic, KT, posidanielle, Alida, DebbieM--Thank you! Hope you enjoy!!
Monica said…
Hi. Visiting from the Relax and Make Friends Blog Hop. I am your newest follower. I look forward to reading your blog. Please stop by and visit mine.
What a great story! Ireland looks so lovely! Your blog looks great.
Paula said…
So exciting- can't wait to follow and read ur blog! :)
Anonymous said…
Oh, Derry.... so now I understand why you've found your way to the Causeway coast! It's an awesome area and their accent is the most beautiful in the world. I love all Irish accents but the one from Derry is simply fantastic.
Mry Jhnsn said…
Congrats on being featured!
KY said…
What a neat love story - and how cool you published a book documenting it all! Off to check out your blog now :)
Chrissy said…
What a sweet love story! Ah - Ireland - love it! Coming over right now! xxx
Anonymous said…
Love your blog! I'm visiting Ireland for spring break in March - I am SO EXCITED!
Hockey Wife said…
Too cool! I thought I was already following you but I guess not - so I am now! Congrats on the feature, can't wait to read more about your story!
How wonderful Lesley! I had a similar experience dating/ICQ-ing, emailing across the Atlantic. I have to check out your blog..
LesleyRH said…
Thank you everyone so much for the comments and for stopping by my blog!!! I'm off to do the same for you and spread the blog love!!!!
What an awesome story! Looking forward to reading more!
Anonymous said…
I would move to Ireland in a minute, love it there .. lucky girl! What a fabulous love story, can't wait to read more about it at your blog ... and book too. Awesome!!

Maegan :)
Awesome feature!!! Sounds like an interesting story!! Headed to say hi now! :)
Adriane said…
Great story... looking forward to following you! I'm from Gassaway, WV, about 60 miles north of Charleston. :) So amazing that you are moving to Ireland, have to say that I'm jealous!

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