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Hello all my blogging friends!
I just wanted to take this time to say thank you for all of you who have been following, supportive, and patient with such a new blogger like myself. Little did I know there was a whole other world in the blogging community full of badges, followers, link parties, and best of all, support. I have had such a positive and encouraging response from people who I don't know, and I think that is just amazing! I have only been at this not even 2 months yet, so thank you!

You can look forward to many more tips about  


like how to upcycle those old clothes you are meaning to get rid of like this Valentine Heart Mobile Tutorial

like this video on how to tie a scarf in several different ways


I love playing with my hair in different style and I have several videos like this sock bun tutorial, or wedding hair style (pictured above).

You will also find inspiration regarding weight loss (join our Biggest Loser Challenge here), exercise, motherhood, etc here at EisyMorgan.
These are all parts of me and I love that we as women are so multifaceted. I need to be inspired when I get funky about any one of these areas, so my blog is all about passing on what I learn to you. To get your creative juices flowing and to share in each others lives. 

I have been so inspired by all your blogs and am looking forward to getting to know more people!!

I thought that instead of writing all about me I would use pictures to describe me...

I'm me!
I'm Ashley! I am 29, almost 30 and I love all things beautiful. I love to be inspired in all of these aspects as well so I started this creative outlet blog, EisyMorgan!

I'm a wife.
I'm married to my wonderful husband, Daniel, for over 2 years now. He is a wonderful gift. Only God would know what kind of man I really needed. I love him with all of my heart and as serious as I take life, he never lets me take myself too seriously.

I'm a mother.
My baby boy was born January 5th, 2010 and I love him with all of my heart. He is pretty laid back like his daddy and I have the privileged of staying home with him and be his full time mommy. Having a baby is God's way of saying "You thought you were in control of your every day life...HA!"

I'm a sister and a daughter. 
This is my sister-in-law (and niece in her tummy), my mom, sister and I.

My entire family lives in California and I am newly transplanted to Colorado.
My family is one filled with weirdos and we like it like that!

I'm a friend. 
These are a few of my friends (I was the first of several of us who got pregnant around the same time).
I am blessed to say that I have several friends who I would call "heart friends".
Those are the ones that you can be real with and they "get you".
Rare and Beautiful!

I love adventure and traveling.
I've been to a lot of different countries and I love different cultures, people, and foods!

I love trying new things and having fun.


Looking forward to getting to know you if I don't know you already! 

Grab my BUTTON and share the 

Email me at eisymorgan@gmail.com


What fun pictures, especially of that wedding hair tutorial--gorgeous!

Off to check out her blog...
Ashley said…
Thank you so much for the feature! You guys are amazing here!!
OMG I might have to follow that wedding tutorial for my soon-to-happen-wedding. Yay!

Poekitten said…
Love the heart mobile:) What a great idea!
Chrissy said…
All those awesome pictures make me wanna jump right in and join the fun! Coming over.right.now!
Mary Nevin said…
I adore her blog!! Thanks for featuring her!! Great Post!! :)
melody-mae said…
what a sweet blog. I love all the pictures of you with that amazing smile!!!! Welcome 'Home'!!! I am off to visit your actual blog next. :)
Alida said…
Congrats on the feature! heading over to check out the blog!!
b. lee said…
yay! I'm been a follower of Eisy Morgan for some time now * totally dig ... the girl has style & wish I could do my own "do" like she can!
shah wharton said…
Wow - you look like a real bell; fun and kind and full of beans. Some beautiful shots here too! And what a great feature - well done. Shah. X
posidanielle said…
She sounds wonderful!! I am definitely going to check her out! Thanks girls!
Jenna said…
I love your pictures and your outlook on life! Your son is absolutely adorable and your family looks like a lot of fun :)

Can't wait to hop on over and check out your blog now!

Rachel said…
HI from your newest follower...Your blog is fantastic along with all the your pictures. What a happy family!!!! You make life look FUN-Thank you
Sincerely Rachel ♥

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