How to Make a Header From Picnik

Hi friends. As promised, we are sharing a super easy way to make an elegant header by using the famous


As seen in the image above, Click the Get Started now!


Now Here You will see this page-

Click The LIBRARY BUTTON on top- right next to the HOME BUTTON. It will bring you to the Library.


Now Click on the Make a Collage, right there in the Middle. You will then see this page-


Now Choose the 4 Boxed Horizontal Set here on the Left. See Photo Below

We chose a White Background. Now the arrow on the bottom points to
the UPLOAD a PHOTO where you will upload and drag your photos into the squares to look like this↓


You can See the Orange Flower in the Uploaded area. Take that photo with your mouse and DRAG it Up to the desired box and DROP. Repeat until you have all of your photos in the boxes.

You can also adjust the spacing and roundness/kookiness on the left hand side underneath those squares.

Now Click the DONE button up on the Right Side. {Right above your Picture}


As soon as you hit Done, it should bring you to this page where you can create a name and use some pretty neat Fonts. Select Create on the top navigation bar and then select TEXT. Type in the name of your blog {Upper Left Hand Side} and then hit add. You can adjust the colors and sizes on the right hand side.


We chose a basic font and white! And then SAVE! Ta-Da...You have a simple, elegant Header and it looks like you paid someone a million bucks!

Feel free to holler if you get lost! xoxo

More Samples:

Sample Header for

we added a border to this one.


posidanielle said…
great tutorial! I love picnik! Its definitely one of my favorites!
Which Picnik font did you use for your current header?? I love it!
Danielle said…
Wow - thanks - I cant wait to try this!
Gertrude said…
I love Picnick as well mostly to combine two pictures together! :)
mskanorado said…
I am going to have to try this!! Thanks so much!
Patti said…
I love that site! So easy! It makes it easy to change up your header for the holidays too. Add festive pic's!
Happy Kathy said…
Super duper tutorial..xexe!!!Thank you Lindsayyyyy
*S said…
Freaking Genius! ;) Great tutorial and super easy. I may have to give that a try in the next few days. Thanks lovelies!
Katie said…
I absolutely love that you posted this. I use Picnik too but I haven't explored it enough to make the Collage look ;)

Thank you pretty ladies!
This is such a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing; going to try it now.
ps to everyone, I THINK this is a 'premium' feature so you can't access the collage option unless you've paid for a membership!...but it's only about $25 for a year!
Poekitten said…
Awesome tutorial! Thanks:)
Bobbi said…
Thanks so much! Can't wait to work on mine, when I get a chance. :) You're the best! Thanks for all you do for all of us bloggers! You really deserve the best! ♥ BJ
Danielle said…
I did it - I have a new header and it was so easy!! Tomorrow I am going to change my buttons to match. Thank You Again.
Grace said…
So that's how you do it! I've used picnic before but i never knew I could make a header with it as well. *smack on the forehead* I'm going to try it now. Thanks for the tutorial!
Paty A. said…
thanks for the tip, I use corel and link as a image for my header ( ill try this as well.
Vic said…
nope! it's not a can get it for free!
Vic said…
@love and life...i'm pretty sure our header is relaxing blaze...thank you!
Thank you so much for the tutorial! I was just talking to my husband the other night about wanting to do this with my blog!

Anna, The Pilot's Wife
Chrissy said…
Love picnik - use it all the time!
Kandy said…
You are so fabulous for sharing this!!! I have fussed and fussed with my blog over the past serveral months... it changes as my mood changes!!!
I NEVER thought of using Picnik!!!!
Definitely tweeting this ;)
Great tutorial! I might make a header with one of the other layouts (although the 4 block picture one you featured works best).
Branson said…
I am loving the blog tutorials lately! Keep them coming!
Eschelle said…
I love how you posted this up!!
Brenda said…

Thanks for the great tutorial. We here on the Picnik team love seeing how Picnikers are doing such creative things. And we love it when they share their knowledge with others. Makes us happy.

Keep up the good work.

team picnik
Thanks for sharing this lovely tutorial!!! That makes it seem so easy!! :)
parker said…
Thank you, thank you! So helpful!
KC said…
how do you upload this to your blog when you are done?
Vic said…
@KC go to design, edit header and upload the new header, save! xo

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