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Hey fellow FTLOB lovers!  

My name is Whitney, I’m the owner of the fabulous site Whitspeaks {I totally suggest you check it out!}  I am a freshman at UNCW in the Honors Scholars Program and I am LOVING going to school five minutes from the beach! I swear I only go sunbathe couple times a week! I’m thinking about majoring in Marketing and Advertisement but I haven’t decided yet… surprise surprise! I love Pug dogs, Mac computers {I am going  freaking crazy waiting for the iPhone to come to Verizon already!}, and blogging. I'm learning how to surf, I love sailing, and I swam competitively for 11 years. I’m a closet WWII freak and I own the HBO series Band of Brothers on DVD AND I’ve read the book. {FANTASTIC read. I highly suggest it!} I’m still a Disney Princess at heart and I’m running in the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2012! Woo right before the end of the world! {HA!} I got into blogging because I wanted an easy-to update web page for playing with {did you know that the word “blog” comes from web-log?!} and I talk A LOT.  Like I mean A LOT. I have a blast creating buttons, banners, backgrounds and the like in photo shop so my blog is the perfect way to practice all of that combined.

During the summer I work as a Lifeguard and Assistant Swim Coach at my local pool.  I absolutely love all of my little swimmers and we have a total blast while I magically get them swimming from one end of the pool to the other, and FAST! My head coach (and really great friend!) Nicole always says that I am “the fun one” while she is the “numbers gal.”

With some other lifeguards {I’m in the middle!}… working REALLY hard in the rain * wink *
I’m a self-proclaimed fashionista and artsy-fartsy gal. I love all things fashion and style, and because I am artistic I have kinda gotten interested in fashion photography. I have even attempted a couple shoots with my friends, which were… interesting to say the least.

One night my friend Molly and I were restless and decided to get dressed up and go to downtown Wilmy to take some fun pics to edit in photo shop! So we put on some fun “slightly hipster” outfits and went exploring. At one point we ended up by an old pier, when we were approached by a burley cop. We told him we were taking fashion photographs. He looked at me like I had just spoken in Latin {which I can do!} And then told us to get on our way. Since when were piers off limits? Ugh, whatever party pooper. So we kept walking and passed some really god-awful terrible interesting outfits coming out from the clubs downtown… can you say “fashion citation”!?! Anyways, we got some cool pictures and narrowly avoided capture notice by creepy drunk dudes downtown.

A couple finished products of my forays downtown : )
At WhitSpeaks I talk about just about everything, from my adventures with friends to funny things I have seen/thought about. But since I’m mildly obsessed with fashion that’s going to be talked about quite a bit!

So you’ve already seen WhitSpeaks and love it?! {Of course you do! * wink *} Then grab this button and share me with the world!

Big thank you to Ashley and Vic for making this happen! Love y’all and LOVVEEEE all the other bloggers here at FTLOB! Keep being awesome gals :)

Thank You For Being Here! Everyone head over and meet a fab face! Thanks

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Congrats on being featured! Thats great that your a Lifeguard and are out there protecting our youth!
posidanielle said…
Love this blog!! Congratulations on being featured here! I absolutely loved reading about your adventure yesterday. I will definitely stop by more often! :D
Whitney said…
Yaay thank you so much for the feature!!!! And thank you for the sweet compliments ladies :)
Aww, she super cute! I love when girls can just be girls & have fun..hmm isnt that a song! I'll have to check it out!
Anyhow thanks for stopping by today for the hop! We're happy to have you with us!
Happy Monday!
b. lee said…
funky & spunky * sweet & creative! reminds me of my early adulthood yrs. with my bff's * think I'll call em' today ;) congrats on ur feature *
Missy said…
Reading her blog kinda made me miss college. :)
Kelsey said…
Aw yay Whit! Love your blog lady! It's always so fun and fresh.
kitten said…
Congratulations on the feature! Love your blog. :)
She sounds super fun! Headed to check her out now!

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