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FTLOB Introduces:

I am a 25 year old soon-to-be 'hockey wife' whose fiances career has brought the two of us and our English Bulldog over to Europe for the first time. I have a soft spot for all things vintage and enjoy collecting vintage jewelry pieces from the different places that we have played and lived in. I part with some of my favorite pieces at http://www.vintageisvogue.com/.

I have degrees in Dance and Early Childhood Education, and I am currently studying Wedding and Event Planning. In my early twenties (I just turned 25, bring on the quarter life (strikeout, please: crazy) crisis) I was dance captain for a professional football team, was an assistant Lead Teacher in a classroom of 24 wild three year olds, worked as a promotional model, and taught 30 dance classes a week. All that changed four years ago when I met my knight in stinky hockey gear.

While I miss my family, friends and working out of the house dearly - I don't regret my decision to leave my "life" to travel the world with the man I love. I am a true believer that "life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself", and living in this lifestyle certainly forces me to do just that.

I enjoy reading, staying fit, mixed media art, planning our 2012 wedding, Googling, green tea, iced coffee, fashion, photography, trying out new recipes, entertaining, and sleeping. I am always doing 'something' - I am the queen of multitasking (as well as packing up our things three times a year and cooking kickass pre-game meals), and butterfly around multiple hobbies so that I don't go bat-shit-crazy any time soon.

My blog started as another venue to keep our friends and family updated on our traveling hockey adventures, but it's slowly turning into something that is my own - a space where I keep things sassy and entertaining (even if I'm only entertaining myself) and a place where I document going after my own personal dreams and goals, all while following the future-hubby around the world to follow his :)

Thanks for being a part of FTLOB, head over and show some love guys.


Poekitten said…
Your puppy is adorable! I'm going to head over to your blog and check it out:)
TexaGermaNadian said…
Congrats girl! What a nice treat for you right now :) You're too cute
Sounds like an exciting life!!! :) Happy feature day!
Amanda Moury said…
LOVE the pictures of you and your pup! Heading over now to check out your blog! :)
Anonymous said…
Love the Brutus tshirt! hope you share more of this lucky life of you. Good luck!
Missy said…
I am headed to go check her out right now! :)
Randi said…
Ahhh! I work for a SPHL hockey team in Louisiana and my exboyfriend is a pro baseball player. It is definitely an interesting life to say the least. I look forward to reading more about your journey. XoXo

lindsay said…
ahh look at that little guy...so adorable! i'm heading over now ♥
b. lee said…
u've got some pretty exciting ventures going on * ur pup is freakin' adorable!
Hockey Wife said…
Too cool, KY! Congratulations!
Alida said…
love Brutus!! What a great looking dog!
KY said…
Hi everyone, thanks for the sweet comments and for taking the time to hop over to my space :) Have a nice weekend!
OMG you look so great together! And that’s what we call “love.” Congrats! And your dog is so adorable and loving (like mine :) )! Thumbs up!
I bet your valentine's day was complete. Cupid made the right decision for the both of you.
You two are perfect. And your dog is really adorable. Bet, that would be three of you are perfect :)

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