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FTLOB Introduces: 

Being a young mother at 21 was something I never imagined for myself, nor was getting pregnant out of marriage. Because of my background and current steadfast belief in God, I didn't expect to find myself in the situation that I did. But, as we all know, things happen...and for whatever reason, I got pregnant the first time. I was so scared to tell my family and friends but I was longing to talk to someone, anyone. So I decided to start a blog. Really, with no idea that I was going to gain any notice, it was just to write and expose my heart without judgment. And blogging had become therapy for me.

As time had passed and my daughter was born, it became more of a passion. And people that I have never met were interested in me, in my life, and they wanted to be my friends! And I have met such beautiful people through blogging. They have inspired me to just be me. To write with no boundaries and to post photos, even if a little embarrassing. Why the heck not? Because they too had those moments and before I knew it I was thrusted full speed into such an amazing community of supporters and women and {some} men...all with passion for their children or photography or poetry or whatever! It's been amazing!

So here I am...21 years old. Mother to my daughter, Maia, who is 16 months! Lover of all things photography, dance, pink, books, thunderstorms, and life!! I am happily in love with the man of my dreams and I can't wait until we get married and have more children someday!!! My daughter is my motivation on sluggish mornings and I wake up to the best little smile and kisses! I grew up in Wisconsin but live in Costa Rica full time now!!! My passion is photography!

Welcome to my world and join me for a freakishly, crazy and amazing ride! Hold on because I am a blast!!

Thanks for being here! head over and show some love. Stay tuned for more great features and some amazing fun. Have a beautiful day!


Open Eyes said…
Beautiful Photos...Heading over to check out your blog now.
posidanielle said…
Such beautiful pictures! And to live in Costa Rica! I can only imagine how beautiful it is there.
KY said…
I agree posidanielle, BEAUTIFUL photos!!
b. lee said…
what an elegant writer & resides in Costa Rica * sweet!
Branson said…
Your little girl is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your blog!
This blog is awesome. Girl- I don't know how you do it but what a wonderful place to meet other moms and bloggers. I love it! I just became a follower and can't wait to visit more. I am sticking my nose all around to see what I can find next. I just found the food linky thing and linked up my two cooking blogs. Great idea BTW! Have a fabulous day and the featured blogger is one heck of a photographer. If only I had the "eye".
Beautiful pictures and a beautiful blog! Thanks for sharing!

Practical Parenting
mskanorado said…
Beautiful! I'm headed over to your blog now! I'm very much excited to get to know you!!
Short Leg Lucy said…
oh my gooodness!!! i got featured!!!!! and look at all of these wonderful comments!!!!!!!
Wow! What a sweet story! It's amazing how you can find a community of those just like you out there on the Internet! :)
{ Elena } said…
I love shuttermama! The girl is awesome! Her photography is great! It's really worth a follow!
Ashley said…
I heart shuttermama!! XO

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