Featured Blog: Racing and Saving Mama

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This year I plan to focus part of my blog on saving money and how to pay off bills and credit cards. I'm going to be giving tips on couponing and finding the best deal on everyday products.

My other subject for this blog is to try to hold myself accountable for working out. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I really don’t live for working out so I need some way to stay motivated. Hopefully with this blog and your encouragement those excuses will go away!

 So please come visit me and together we'll get more financially and physically sound in the upcoming year!

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b. lee said…
mula tips are always good * headin' over to meet Racing & Saving Mama :)
Saving money is a huge goal for me this year too!!! Can't wait to read her tips!!!
Thanks! I totally missed the fact that I was featured. :( Oh well, atleast I found it now.

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