Featured Blog: The Pepper and Her Pups

Welcome! Everyone! So glad you are here this eve sharing your lovely blogs with us. We are so happy to feature each and everyone one of you. You each have something different to offer and that is what we love about blogs. 

 Hi everyone! It's Liz from The Pepper and Her Pups.

I'm a feisty little 20 something, who is oh so satisfied being a stay at home mom to our beautiful 10 month old daughter. The Mister and I reside in a small town along with our other fur child, Tator (he's half pug/half boston terrier).

The Mister is in between jobs right now and while were busy saving up to get a new place, I've decided to help by starting my own shop which is something I've always wanted to do (Pepper and Her Pups Accessories). When I'm not busy running around the house after our movin' and crusin' baby, you can find us outside on some kind of adventure.

I live for days at the beach, date night, family snuggle time, good ol' reality tv, and any type of diy project. Blogging is an amazing creative outlet where I like to share inspiration boards, crafts, our family life, and my favorite product review/giveaways! I absolutely love meeting new people, so stop on by and say hi!


Thanks for being here. Head over and show some much needed love and enjoy your evening!


What a sweetheart!!! Love the baby girl pics!!! Happy feature day Liz!!!
Alida said…
Such a precious baby!!! Congrats on the feature!
KY said…
Oh goodness your sweet baby is so precious!! And your store is such a cute idea. Thanks for introducing us to your family :)
Happy Feature Day! I just stopped by the blog, enjoyed the amazingly cute Little Miss pics & showed some love! :)

Branson said…
What a cute little one! Headed over now :)
b. lee said…
how cute is that little snuggle bug bambino!? headin' over to check-out, The Pepper and Her Pups *
The Pepper. said…
Thanks so much for the feature!:)
What a cutie! Headed over to your blog now!
Lulu said…
Adorable baby! Sounds like one happy mama, off to check out her blog!

Lulu :)
Poekitten said…
Your baby is adorable! I'm heading over to visit now... :)

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