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FTLOB introduces:

I'm an Island girl. A PEI Island girl actually. I grew up on the East coast of Canada. On a teeny tiny province...Anne with an e's province. Our dirt is red. Our sand is white. We drink beer. Shuck oysters & throw up drink moonshine(if u never have had it, don't). We talk a little funny, but we say hi to everyone & smile alot. My name is Sherri,  my friends call me Sher, my hubby calls me babe, & my two littles (Z & Wy) call me Mommmmmyyyyyyyy(my fave)!

I live in a big city now. In the Western part of Canada. I can almost see the Rocky mountains from my bedroom window. I'm not a huge fan of the mountains, crazy I know. I mean I find them breathtakingly beautiful, but I also find them a lil scary & dark. D & I got married in front of the three sisters(a group of somewhat famous mountains), & I loooove our wedding pictures. I'll give the Rockies their beauty. But that's it. I would trade them for my ocean in heartbeat. My husband figures I must have salt water in my veins, seeing as I am the only person he knows who can swim in salt water(for hours & hours) & not get red eyes. I have no idea why, but same thing for my sons, no red eye. I'm a beach bum, not a mountain climber I guess.

I still have a hard time believing I write a blog. I entered the bloggy world as a reader only. I had no intentions of writing my own blogever. Then one day, while I was talking to my girlfriend(ok, my therapist) I realized that my whole life I have been writing blog posts in my head. Crazy, right?! My gf*winky*challenged me to start writing my thoughts down. So, I did. I called it Mommy's lil Corner & I'm kinda hella proud of myself. I have been getting more comfortable with my writing & I have to admit, that I am blown away by the amazing writers that I have found here in bloggy land &, I sometimes feel a lil out of my league, so I write about what I love... my boys & what I don't love....u have to check out my blog to see that list, waaaay to long for here:)

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posidanielle said…
I agree with you, the mountains are beautiful, but the ocean is way better. I would love to live by the ocean too. Your wedding picture is beautiful though!!!
b. lee said…
I 1st heard of PEI Island when Regis & Kelly did a remote broadcast from there * gorgeous place from what I could grasp from the tube :)
Poekitten said…
I also feel out of my league sometimes:) I love all the amazing people I've in bloggy land. I do love the mountains...I love where I live...I get to see the ocean and the mountains-the best of both:)
Hockey Wife said…
The background of the last photo is stunning! I'm going to hop over and check out your blog! Can't wait!
Sherri said…
Oooooo baby, I'm literally doing the happy dance!! How amazing to be featured on such a fantabulous site! Thank u ladies:)
Also, thanks for all the sweet comments!! I'm heading over to check out your blogs, so exciting!!!
Ross said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ross said…
Let me welcome you to the community that is here at FTLOB. I've met so many great people here. Great blog by the way!
Congrats on the feature Sherri!!
Missy said…
I stopped by her blog and it was fun reading! :)

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