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Hey friends. Welcome to another fab feature. Kick back and relax...we're going for a ride. 
I used to dislike kids, I didn't want them in my life or even behind me in the grocery line. "Solipsistic creatures." I'd mutter while passing a whiney brat at the mall. Children weren't my cup of tea, nor did my future plans include them. Everything changed after I met my husband. Imagine that. I was destined to have a child, a daughter, as mean as myself. Except with curly hair.
Hi! I'm the Mean Girl, Rachel. I love my husband, photography, reading, writing, crafting, fashion and most of all I love my two-year old daughter, the Mini Mean.

My husband Mr. Mean Girl, or MMG, is away most of the time saving the world. He was gone two hundred and eighty eight days last year. Yeah, it's like that. It frees me up for writing and reading obsessively (100 books last year) and for taking pictures of the mini mean like a crazed lunatic. I am the worst stay at home mother on the planet. Not that I am a bad mother (I'm the best!) but saying I am domestically challenged is an understatement. I despise cleaning, I burn everything I attempt to cook and I can ruin an expensive shirt in three seconds flat. Only the expensive ones, mind you. With heading a household not being one of my strong points I tend to venture to my hometown and spend time at my Mom's house while MMG is away. She doesn't have the same domesticity problems as I, so it works out rather nicely. Read: Someone cooks and cleans and does my laundry for me. 

I take a photograph of the Mini Mean every day (176 Days of Blair) while my husband is gone. This tends to be a crowd pleaser as you never know what type of face you'll get that day. Don't get me wrong, she was BORN with a Canon in her face so she works it like no other, but she is MY child, so the MEAN shines through some days more than others. 

Lets sum it up shall we? When I'm not busy being a SoCal mommy, which includes a multitude of activities that ensure that my child will dominate in any setting, I am singing karaoke in my living room, speaking to my sister using an Irish lilt, reading paranormal romances (I write book reviews, too!) and cracking "that's what she said" jokes any chance I can get. I also work out (A LOT) to keep "it" in enviable status, write poetry to keep a sharp mind and miss my husbands gourmet cooking and OCD cleaning tendencies while he's away. I'm not lying. It's freakish, and perfect. His Renaissance Man persona is the reason I'm so inept at things. I've never had to do them. How mean of him.

I may not have wanted children but someone knew what they were doing when the mini mean was placed in my arms and life. No child is loved more in this universe. Funny how things work out. 
Join us on our wild ride and watch the Mini Mean "love the camera."  

Love & light, blog stalkers.

Head over to show some Mean Love, Friends! Enjoy!


posidanielle said…
Her daughter is simply beautiful!
rjg23 said…
I can't wipe this stupid smirk off my face. You guys rock! :)
alitalyn said…
Cutest little girl eva! Yep, that girl, is cuter than mine. I can admit it.
-Sam I Am- said…
well isn't she just a gorgeous gal!! i have trouble believing she is mean :) what a great feature!!
Dawn said…
Awe! Just precious. Not mean, precious!
Hockey Wife said…
Yay! I am so glad you were featured. I have really, really enjoyed reading your blog and I love your daily pictures of your mini-mean. Congrats on the feature!
Susi said…
I absolutely LOVE your description, and blog name!! Heading over to your blog now.
b. lee said…
miss Mean-Girlie & her Mini-Mean are both aaa-dor-a-ble * headin' over to check-out their spot!
Chrissy said…
What a nice feature! Will head on over!
Thanks ladies!
Shalyn said…
I just found this blog yesterday and LOVE IT! Such a beautiful family and great sense of humor!
She sounds fabulous!!! And her little girl is adorable!!!
rjg23 said…
Hey guys! I've e-mailed FTLOB, but had to change my web address. So the above links may or may not work quite yet! Here is the link to my blog:


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