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Hi! I'm Rachel

 I am a soon-to-be-college-graduate navigating the world of Law school applications and sorority functions while still trying to find the time to hang out with friends and blog. I am a Nashville girl at heart but moved to the Bluegrass State for college. The Kentucky Derby, coal mines, and UK basketball might be what you think of when you think of Kentucky, but they have only played minor parts in my time as a resident Kentuckian.

I am a sociology and anthropology major who specializes in the study of Nashville Songwriters. And yes, I do get course credit for going to writers’ nights and concerts! Right now I am making a movie about Nashville Songwriters. Right now I am also freaked out by the thought of editing film for hours. There could possibly be a connection between the two…
I have a passion for volunteer service and have served two full terms of AmeriCorps service as an undergraduate. My favorite way to serve the community is through enrichment education programs and mentoring at-risk youth. I have learned some of the greatest lessons from kids who I am supposed to be teaching.

I lived in Mexico during 2009 and miss it so much. There is no way to adequately describe the beauty of this country in words. I would love to go back as soon as possible and as many times as I can imagine. They say that if you drink water from the underground wells called Cenotes that you will yearn to return. Well, you could say that I drank deep from those wells.

I started A Life so Lovely to keep track of my thoughts, to network with other people like me (and not like me!), and because life really is lovely. It’s good to remember that sometimes.

Come stop by! I would love to meet you!!
Thank You for sharing your journey with us. Head over and make her day! 


Unknown said…
I love reading about other people's experiences living in another country...I'm hopping over to visit:)
Unknown said…
Congratulations on the feature girl!!!! :) Im on my way over to check out your blog!

Danielle Leal said…
She sounds wonderful! I am definitely going to check her out! Thanks for featuring her lovelies!
Clayton Thomas said…
Life sounds pretty exciting! Best of luck with your film making project.


Branson said…
I did two terms with americorps*vista and also wanted to study anthropology! Headed to your blog for sure ;) thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
Oh, those days of law school applications... i am riveted to the feature, can't wait to read the blog!

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