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I’m a little bit of the South and the Southwest all rolled into one and fortunate enough to be from a part of the world where hats are still tipped and “Yes Ma’am” and “Yes Sir” are frequently used. I’m also someone who doesn’t take life or themselves too seriously.  (Okay, or seriously at all….)  Except for the fact that Kristen Stewart looks like me.  And that is totally worth taking seriously if I can have both Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner fighting over me.  

Born in Kentucky, I was carted around by my military father and spent much of my time growing up in both small-town Kentucky and laid-back New Mexico, where I ended up meeting my husband in college. He played basketball; I was a cheerleader….and in my not-so-humble opinion, we were meant to be together. We’re back south of the Mason Dixon line again, living in Tennessee and loving our southern lifestyle these days. I work in the crazy world of cheerleading (yes, yes, I know….all judgments, snap-conclusions, and stereotypes are allowed and accepted at this point.  Bring ‘em on!),  and he owns his own sport performance business.   We stay busy between work, play, and raising our 19 month old daughter.  (Who by the way, is completely doomed in the “growing up normal” department with me as her mother.  Sorry, sweetie!)

I started blogging a few years ago because co-workers of mine were always bombastically raving about their extracurricular interests and I was tired of not sharing my two cents pertaining to my life outside of work.  I mean, I did NOTHING but work.   Lame, I know.  I was surrounded by sewers (as in people who stitch, not to be confused with a component of the underground sewage system), rock climbers, beer drinkers, cornholers (unless you’re from the South – you probably won’t know what this exciting activity entails. Go ahead and google it.), cyclists, hunters, and potters (as in those who make pottery, and not the other definition of people who smoke pot – though I know of those who partake in that activity as well).

Habits of mine included and were absolutely limited to the following:
1) Eating …. A lot.
2) Sleeping …. A lot.
3) Working …. A lot.
4) Wasting my life away on Facebook …. A lot.
Not a very well rounded chain of events for the typical day.  Sooooo…..I came to the conclusion that I need to add some other sort of other activity in the mix. (Remember, this was before I was a mom and was then inevitably at my child’s mercy with whatever activity SHE wanted to be involved in.  Ahhh….those were the days….) To spare you the details on the long and drawn out decision making process, I’ll just go ahead and tell you that’s when I decided to start blogging.  (You can read more details of this on my very first post EVER! Get pumped up!)

I’d love for you to come visit me and my blog, just as I love to visit other people’s lives through their blogs!  As mentioned above, I don’t take life, work, or myself too seriously, and always find the funny in situations.   You’re welcome to join me in every random shenanigan I experience through this crazy blogging habit of mine!  And this includes my cooking....now THAT is an experience you don't want to miss!  ;-)

Thanks KFUN for being here. Now head over and show some love.
Enjoy the day.


Bill and Debra said…
I can relate, I am working on letting a lot of things go and just be free. Looking foward to your cooking post.

Nice Blog.
melody-mae said…
Nice to meet you! I headed over to your blog to check it out and get to know you! How fun, I love your sense of humor in all your posts...I especially was cracking up about the 'sleepless in Seattle' one!! You have a sweet blog!

posidanielle said…
I am definitely going to check your blog out! You seem like such a fun loving person!
Missy said…
Her Sleepless in Seattle Post was hilarious! If you guys haven't read it yet...do it!
MandeeFoFandee said…
I just want to say that I love corn hole, and I'm not from the South. :)

I'm going to check your blog out, if only for the fact that I wish I was a southern belle.
Alida said…
on my way over to check out your blog!!
K-Fun said…
Thanks everyone!! :-) I'm so excited to be featured! HOODIE HOO!! Welcome to my life! Can't wait to read about yours!
Crystal said…
Was just at her blog...what a cutie! And super funny! I'm a fan of funny...cuz sometimes I just need a laugh!! Love FTLOB!!
Yay! Another girl who lived in the NM!! Excited to check out her blog!!!
Robin said…
I love your blog title bar!!! so cute!
Stephanie Faris said…
I'm new here. I was referred from another blog. I'll go check the featured blog out!
K-Fun said…
Thanks so much Crystal - I like to think I'm a cutie too! ;-) HA!

Robin - thanks! It took an act of God for my non-technological brain to figure out how to do that!

KAssi - Us NM'ers gots to stick together! ;-)

Stephanie - I'm semi-new to FLOB too and so far I LOVE IT!
It is nice meeting you. I will hop over and visit your blog.
shah wharton said…
Some great pics there - lol! X Shah. X
Mr Lonely said…
visiting here with a smile today... =D

regards, Mr Lonely,
A Growing Teenager Diary, http://www.lonelyreload.blogspot.com/

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