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Welcome! What a gorgeous day. We're glad you're here meeting the most fabulous blogs in 'blog land'. If your new here, we invite you to browse around to see what we're all about and maybe take a moment to meet some past features. Everyone! Go Look at the Community Page and the directory above. Some New, Fab Faces have been added. Gosh! I love this place. You all have such amazing blogs. Be sure to check back often because new ones are added all day long!

Hello Everyone! My name is Brooke and I'm the proud owner of Bright Wishes.

My blog is all about inspiration, life, and love.  I am a 19 year old mother to a one and half year old who is my life.  Without her, I would not be the mature and smart woman I am today.

I have struggled with many things in the past couple of years and I am so glad to finally say that I am the happiest I have ever been.  I am a new fiancĂ© as of December 21st and it’s the most amazing feeling in the world.  My fiancĂ© who I call Mr. Charming is in the U.S. Navy and the most loving, sweet, and strongest man I have ever known.  We live apart right now because he’s in school for his job and blogging helps me cope with that fact.

Some things we love to do together:
-Watch TV! We would rather cuddle up together and spend a nice quiet time in rather than go out! Our favorite channel is Food Network.
-Be completely silly with each other.  Check out my Infinite Sky Series where I talk about relationship tips and dealing with long distance relationships.
- Planning our wedding.  I am so happy he is interested in the planning. Although he is far away and most of the planning is up to me, he is always giving his input.

I am a lover. I am kind. I love to meet new bloggers.  I hope you will stop by my blog and become inspired whether through color inspiration boards, my Wednesday Wishes, wedding planning details, or just my daily life!

Thank You So Much for being here and sharing! We love all of you. Head over and make her smile now, would ya.


Whitney said…
You and your daughter are beautiful! :) Congrats on the feature!
lindsay said…
yay brooke! so happy you've been featured here. i happen to love you to pieces and i absolutely love FTLOB so it is so nice to see you here :)

i know i've told you before, but i am beyond excited about watching you plan your wedding :) so fun!

Alida said…
Congrats on the feature... your daughter is just precious!
Brooke said…
Thank you both!!
Lindsay, I am so excited too! I can't wait to start doing DIY stuff and showing you what I come up with :)
Jessica said…
I started out as a very young mom too and was so happy to see this feature today, off to check out another great blogger!
Haley K said…
oh i adore Brooke & her dreamy little blog :) Wonderful feature!!
{av} said…
Brooke is one of my favorites :) so glad you featured her! xoxo {av}
Ember said…
Heading to your blog now! Can't wait! =)
Poekitten said…
Congrats on your engagement! Your daughter is adorable.
Kate said…
I'm heading over to your blog right now. Congratulations on your newly engagement as well your daughter is so cute!

Hopping over to bright wishes now. Hugs!
Yay! Another wedding planner! :)
b. lee said…
I ran into bright wishes yesterday * sweet-sweet corner :)
Liz said…
Yeah Navy! I am a Navy wife and LOVE to meet other people (especially those with small kiddos too) that are like me. Makes me feel like I am not alone.

Congrats on your upcoming wedding! So exciting!!! Glad that you are happy and you are enjoying life.
1ne Proud Mama said…
What a cute blog! Thanks for sharing Vic!
Alex said…
Great feature As always!

Veronica said…
Congrats Brooke! Looking forward to checking out your blog :)

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