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For The Love of Blogs Introduces:
Wow!  Where do I begin?  Silly question, I know; at the beginning is usually the best place but life takes so many twists and turns that it’s sometimes difficult to find your way back to square one.

For starters, my name is Patty, named, in a way, after my late mother, Mary Patricia.

She despised Mary  and instead called herself Pat.  I came along and became Little Patty…which hated!  My blogging handle is Slidecutter; not as ominous as it sounds, mind you; the term slide cutting is a form of precision hair texturizing and I'm a Hairstylist.  Feel better now?

My blog, Another cookie, please!, is based on memoirs, of the same name, that I started writing before my mother’s death from Alzheimer’s disease. I share episodes of my mother’s life, which severely affected my own childhood, and, at times, the subject matter is dark. I’ve always felt that only a select audience can identify with and lend validation to a survivor who becomes a caregiver for their abusive parent. Blogging allows me the opportunity to ramble on about the happier chapters of life, of being a mother and grandmother, while coloring my words with sarcastic crayons when necessary.

I am very sarcastic; that trait is a defense mechanism which has steered me through some rough seas over the years.  Apart from working six days a week, I do have my passions; cooking, photography, decorating, knitting, crafting, antiquing and shooting.  Yes, shooting; I’m a certified NRA Pistol Instructor who caters to teaching women the fun, and safety, of shooting sports.

You can find me at Another Cookie Please

Now that I am here, allow me to send a big Hello to all my fellow-bloggers along with a very special wink to someone who has been an absolute inspiration with her marvelous writings; a long-time friend who pushed my Just Do It  button, encouraging me to take the blog-plunge!  Oh, I am sorry, who is she you wonder?  Her name is Kelli and she is right here on FTLOB!

Do take some time to read about her life and enjoy her out-of-the-box perspective on raising children, dealing with family, personal demons and ghosts!  Yes, I said ghosts!

Meanwhile, I am in awe here; so many outstanding Blogs that encompass a myriad of fabulous subjects and, I will admit, that I wasn't sure there was a place for me to share my stories. Other blog sites deal mainly with motherhood, crafts, cooking and the lighter side of life; my writings tiptoe in and out of those subjects. Until I landed on For the Love of Blogs there wasn't a comfortable niche for me to nestle into; once I found The Random Blog category, I felt right at home! Comments are very welcome and I look forward to your feedback; don't hold back, tell me how you really feel!

Now I'm ready to kick my Ferragamo’s off and sit by the fire and write but I've managed to drop my Button!

It is right down there, would love if you picked it up and passed it around.

Thanks so much!


Thanks for being here! Head over, show some love and stay tuned for another feature later this afternoon! Have a good day all!

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pr0udmom0f3 said…
My grandmother died from Alzheimer's as well. I'd seen her on her final day and it was like walking full on in to a nightmare. Plus add in a stroke and a hernia and I think dealing with Freddie Kruger would have made a "better" experience.

It wasn't til years later (as in last year, she died in 2002) that my dad said that for the last couple months, she had NO idea who I was when she looked at my picture in her nursing home room.

That hurt deeply, knowing that she basically raised me as a teen for the majority, after my mom died in 1989.

I'm already a follower, and certainly look forward to more posts in the future...Patty. (=
Anonymous said…
Yay! You're featured! Congrats, Patty. You should be proud of your talent and share your story with the world. Everyone should get to know you so they too can find out how funny, poignant, sarcastic (funny) and selfless that you are. I'm happy to call you 'friend'.
I hope you all have time to check out Another Cookie Please and get to know Patty.
posidanielle said…
Congratulations on being featured Patty. I am definitely heading over to your blog now!
Whitney said…
Congratulations on being featured! I hop you have a wonderful day! :)
Interesting feature! Congrats Patty!
Chrissy said…
Congrats on the awesome feature Patti! I will go visit your blog right now!
shah wharton said…
Featured - wonderful! Great post. My gandpa had it, it was slow and dreadful in the end. He seemed to slip quickly into it after nan died. Nothing before that. Apparently, that happens a lot? Shah. wordsinsync.blogspot.com
Missy said…
My grandma has Alzheimer's it's a horrible disease.
Alida said…
Congrats on the feature and I just love the title of your blog!!
Slidecutter said…
Thanks to each of you, along with warm hugs, for your comments! Special thanks to Vic and Ashley for their patience with this newbie and for the time they take on this wonderful site to share their help and wisdom!

The foundation of my writings are based on my caregiving experiences in dealing with my mother's dementia; that same role is played by those with a special needs child or a mentally or physically-challenged adult. My hope is to open a little door of understanding for each caring spirit out there to let them know they aren't alone and maybe..to make them laugh a little..mostly to send them some love!

Again, thank you all for the wonderful welcome; my door is always open so please visit often!
Congrats on the feature Patty!!! Everybody loves a good "random" read now and again! :)
Jaimie said…
i have dabbled my share in senior care taking, And Alzheimer's was one of the saddest ones I had to deal with.. because the family always suffered so much along with the patient. im so sorry about that.. i loved your look on things and can't wait to read more! you've definitely got a new follower in me! :)

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