Our Very First Giveaway! Woot Woot!

Hey lovely FTLOB members. We're super excited we're hosting our very first giveaway. In keeping the theme of this site going, we are giving away a huge ad space over on Freckles and Fudge. This is totally fantastic because she gets a growing number of readers each day, giving you maximum exposure to grow your site. And usually her ads cost moooola, so one lucky winner is going to win big. Since we're all about exposing you, we thought it would be a great gift for one lucky member.

The lucky winners ad will be placed on the very top of the 110X110 ads. Giving you an ad size of 330X135, which is HUGE. It will run January 1st - January 31st. And she will even make the banner for you.

To Enter:

-You Must be a Member of FTLOB


-Leave a comment here stating why you would love to win this ad space.

The winners ad will be up and running on 1/1 so keep your eyes out to see who that lucky winner is.....Now Just Leave a Simple Comment↓ Good Luck


Jennifer Kay said…
I'd love to take up all that space Vic! Pick me, pick me..
We're new to blogging, having just started in November, and this exposure to our little blog would be a HUGE help!!! Really hoping we win!!! Thanks so much for the giveaway!
The Pepper. said…
Would absolutely love the exposure, freckles and fudge is one of my favorite blogs!
Danielle said…
I wouldlove to win this! I am a new blog too and could use the advertising.
Raynata said…
Hi! Sent you an email from my ryr80@hotmail addy. Please disregard my question about following your blog. I already have! I see now this blog and Freckles and Fudge are related. In the future, I will read better! Thanks again!
nichole said…
<--- pick me?

yes please!

i would love to win, for more exposure sure, but also to meet more fabulous people in the blogging world! : )
morgan. said…
i've met some beautiful bloggers & i'd love to get the opportunity to meet & learn from even more!
Donna said…
Well damn honey, you know I love you guys the mostest and that's the best reason isn't it? :)

Besides with my life going to teenage daughter relationship hell in a handbasket with flowers and bows even, think of the entertainment value alone! That's definitely a two-fer!

Sending sucking up lovies!

<3 Donna
AubrieAnne said…
Sounds like a great idea. I would love to enter the first giveaway!! Thanks for all the fantastic opportunies.
Jumping Jack said…
Yay for free ad space! I'd love to win to advertise my little Etsy shop!
angie on maui said…
um, yes please!

Having just experienced a huge downer to 2010, I'm looking to change the direction of my blog in the New Year. I want to reach people; to inspire and encourage others to choose joy and live purposefully.

My blog is (relatively) new and unknown, so I would love and appreciate the exposure as well as the opportunity to "meet" new and amazing blog friends.

Rachel said…
I know that there are a lot of people worthy to have their blog advertised. Of course I would love to win it (I would love to see my blog gain more readers), but even if I don't, I'll be sure to visit the winner's blog!!

Have a great day girlie!!

Marcie said…
So fun and a great idea!! I have never seen a give-away like this! I would love to share the Lemons and Laundry fun and what a better place than here! Freckles and Fudge is such a cute name too! :)

xo Marcie
The Corner Girl said…
I would love to be able to win a beautiful ad space on Freckles and Fudge for a bit of exposure and the opportunity to meet more bloggers! I love sitting down in the morning with a cup of coffee and reading all of the new blogs from bloggers I love.
lindsay said…
i would absolutely love to win this ad space ♥ any inspiration that i can spread around to others would make me so happy!!

What a great giveaway! Well, I think we all want our blogs to be exposed, hm, the most important reason?

Naturally increasing traffic because of the reason I started sharing tips on my blog in the first place.. To educate the world about health so that they can take charge of their own health without going broke.
It is very rewarding when people send emails telling me they followed my advice and feel a lot better. That keeps me blogging.
Sherri said…
Oooo I would love that ad space!! One of the first blog's I began following was Freckles & Fudge, & I love love love it!! I'm new. Almost a brand new blogger & I have been spending the last few months just getting familiar, but I'm ready to jump into this blogworld with both feet, baby!! Your ad space would seriously, make my year!!:)
This is such an amazing giveaway and would be spot on for us! We're passionate vintage lovers fresh to the blogging world, and on a mission to spread the vintage loveliness all around us. The exposure would feel like million dollars! ;)

Jenifer said…
FABULOUS giveaway! I would love to win this giveaway. Not saying that my blog is any better than any others, I have found some great ones here. My blog is there to encourage people. To uplift them. Give them some hope. Thanks for this opporuinty.
I found Freckles and Fudge through one of your recently discovered hops. I'm a massive attention seeker so a big banner would be my idea of heaven! No seriously who wouldn't want the exposure? It gives us bloggers a fantastic chance to meet like minded people and in my case while away hours in my study away from Grumpy Hubby....oh by the way did I mention I am an attention seeker...:))
Carol from www.facing50withhumour.blogspot.com
Thanks for posting in my Teaching Tiny Tots Community sharing this wonderful opportunity. I'd love to win this ad space to share my site which offers a resource to teachers and parents. We have a wide selection of crafts, recipes, science and math activities that offer opportunities to play and learn with your toddler.
Carol And Stacy said…
What a great contest! New follower.
Followed on Facebook also. We would love more exposure for our Intentional Conscious Parenting Blog. We want to reach out to people and parents who are choosing to raise their children in an authentic way! We have great book reviews and give aways for parents too! Thanks for this opportunity. Happy New Year!
GabbyRM said…
The exposure would be awesome!
Lisa Rosalie said…
Great giveaway! I'd love to win this contest, because I just love blogging! On my blog I like to show my outfits and my view on fashion to the world and the more viewers and readers leaving inspiring questions, opinions and comments the better!
Ashley said…
Great giveaway miss Vic! Someone is going to get very lucky with this one!
Erica K said…
follower of both blogs.
I love reading F&F blog.
K-Fun said…
I'm ready to win the space! :-) (Insert whiney "Pick me! Pick me!" voice!)
April said…
I would love to win this ad space! I have a fairly new blog, and could use the publicity!
Carly said…
I would love to win this giveaway! I've had a blog for a while but have slow to really get started. I really want my blog to be something that people look forward to reading like so many of the ones that I follow! This could really give my blog the boost that needs to gain some exposure and make that happen!
SM said…
I would love to win this because I had a big following on my old blog but had to abandon it and start fresh due to my ex husband stalking me and my son. :( I've only been operational on the new blog (Single Mom Says...) since the beginning of December and would love to get a boost in readership...I miss all my wonderful commenter's!

(oh, and I'm a new follower!)
Klove said…
I wanna win! I wanna win! I wanna win...just cuz it'd be so cool to be noticed on such a cool blog. Please, pretty please? XOXO
Ross said…
I would like to win because I am trying to make a difference in peoples lives through my site. The goal of my site is to raise awareness and eventually raise funds towards research in finding a cure for the disease CRPS. Winning would give me more exposure and help me in obtaining that goal!!
Oh this is such a wonderful opportunity, I would be so blessed to win this space for my blog. I love blogging and when I hear that something has made a difference for someone based on what I wrote it makes me smile so big...I would love to be able to reach more readers...Thank you so much for this opportunity...Happy new Year.
I would love for my blog to have some exposure! I've met a lot of wonderful people and have shared and learned a great wealth of information, and I would love to meet others and learn even more!

I also love to blog, and hope that there are people who love to read what I have to say. ;) I've been blogging at LJ for ages, but this is my first whirl with a Blogger blog, and I've loved it so!

w00t indeed, and I have to say, I've loved following your blog! :)
Simply Stacie said…
I am now a follower...thanks for sharing this giveaway in my Blog Frog community!

I would love to win for the obvious reasons- exposure for my site :)

simplystacieblog at gmail dot com
I'd love to win ad space for my blog! Exposure and new readers would be wonderful!

Fun! I'm thinking about giving away some ad space on my blog too :) Would love to win some marketing and new coverage though!

tiffany at noordinaryhomestead.com
Jessie said…
I would love to win this! I could always use new readers and extra exposure!! Thanks for the opportunity!

I am a GFC follower :)

Id love to be a winner of this.. I've been trying so hard to promote my store and it's going oh so slow!! I could use all the help I could get! :)

Im a GFC Follower, loraineengland29(AT)aim(dot)com
Ms Formaldehyde said…
I would love to win this! I can always use new marketing help! http://www.etsy.com/shop/msformaldehyde
I am GFC Follower
What an awesome giveaway! I'm over here jumping up and down, waving, screaming and cheering for you to consider me! I've been blogging for awhile and lately I feel like I've hit a plateau and not seeing an increase in traffic/comments, etc. I think some prime real estate ad space would give me the push I need to kick off the new year on the right foot!
nmassie218 said…
What a great giveaway. I would LOVE to win, it would be great exposure for my blog!
I am a new follower and I would love to win. I have been blogging for awhile now, but I have recently started my online boutique. With being a disabled stay at home mom of 3 I am trying to get all the exposure I can get. Thank you for having such a great giveaway!!

Amanda - Fairy Good Mommy

Pain SUX said…
I'm a follower via GFC ;) Wow, would I ever love to win. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to get my blog some great exposure!!

Congrats on your first giveaway!!
FANTASTIC! Not just the giveaway, but your whole site. I just discovered you. Thanks so much! Anyway, I would LOVE to win this because my blog is about a year old and slowly growing. S-L-O-W-L-Y! I need more exposure, but I spend soooo much time trying to do that myself by posting comments, following other blogs, participating in blog hops, etc. I need to grow my blog, but still have time to focus on my family! :o)
Natalie said…
I think this is fantastic! :) I found you at Freckles and Fugde and I am now following your blog. Its really cute! I would love to win this giveaway because I would love the exposure for new followers, but also new blogger friends! :) I hope I win! :)
I'm a follower of both and I would love to win! I just love blogging because it gives me a place to express myself and enjoy a community of wonderful ladies who enjoy doing the same!
Grace said…
sign me up please! ;)

i would love it if more people knew about my blog and this would be a great opportunity.
Shalyn said…
If I saw my blog on Freckles and Fudge I would giggle and then probably pee myself... What a fun giveaway!
1Ne PRouD MaMa said…
I would LOVE to win this great giveaway so I can get some more exposure for my little blog.
This is an AWESOME giveaway and you gals are awesome too. Loves!
onemixedbag.com said…
What an amazing giveaway. I can see where everyone would want to win this.
All signed up with my badge proudly displayed.
I have been blogging for a couple months and trying to gain my own set of stalkers. :)
TLN said…
Cool! With two start up blogs and zero budget, this would be the perfect belated Christmas present for my creative initiatives. :) Fingers crossed...

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