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With two suitcases, six years’ worth of savings, and all the ambition and hope in the world, I boarded a flight from North Carolina to New York City. Like many women who travel to the alluring lights of Manhattan – my high-heeled foot stepped onto the streets knowing that one day, I would find the success I dreamt of, and of course, the love of my life.

Nearly a year later, I have landed the magazine job, a group of incredible friends, and a tiny studio that belongs just to me – but Mr. Right isn’t quite in the mix. After years of beating myself up for being single, blaming myself for every relationship gone wrong, feeling not good enough or pretty enough or anything-enough – I sat myself down in the coffee shop on my block and started Confessions of a Love Addict.

Yes, my name is Lindsay and I’m a love addict.

Anything and everything that has to do with, reminds me of, keeps me connected to, gives me hope for, or just is flat-out –love. No, I’m not actually “diagnosed” or in need of actual therapy – but I finally reached a point where I was sick and tired of worrying about finding love. And even more so, I was exhausted of putting so much pressure on myself about relationships.

So, taking from Alcoholics Anonymous, I created a 12-step program to overcoming my love addiction – which begins and ends with self-love. By letting go of insecurities, celebrating and embracing my flaws, stopping the search for Mr. Perfect (and let him come as he may) – I’m beginning to enjoy my 20’s, with or without a man.

I’m not a model, I’m not an actress, or a musician – but just a writer and more importantly, a 20-something woman who while she hopes for the right man, more than anything – she wants to fall in love with herself. I’m loving my city, loving my life, loving my friends, loving my shoes, loving my adventures (in dating and in personal growth), loving my journey to single-gal happiness, and learning so much along the way.

Because before the romance, before the ring, before the big white dress, before the little girls in pink coats, and anniversaries and birthday parties – there is a relationship that is so much more important to develop…and that’s the one you have with yourself.

If you’re a single girl weeding your way through the dating jungle, regardless if you’re in NYC, Kentucky, or across the globe – come on this journey with me. We may be single, but in that singular form – we’re all in this together.

Thank you Lindsay for being here and sharing your story. Please head over and make her day.

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sexylegsandbody said…
Take it from an old man, no use looking for love, love will find you if it is meant to be.
I love this post though.

This sounds like a great journey. I'm going over to her blog right now :)
What a great idea for a blog. I am not single but I have been there when I was younger. I just love seeing initiatives in women to do something valuable that also benefits others.

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lindsay said…
what a lovely blog and feature! i love being able to find new lovely people out there and can't wait to see what i find on Lindsay's blog (how cool we both spell Lindsay with an "a")

have a great weekend ♥
What an awesome goal!!! Self love should be the first love you aim for! Go Lindsay!
Pink Hibiscus said…
What a great feature! I can't wait to pop over there now for a lil look-see!
Ashley said…
I love this, can't wait to read more on her blog!
Anonymous said…
thats a go girl attitude. i love your positive mind lindsay... youll find what you want if you stay positive..

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