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Well hello fellow For the Love of Blog-gers!!
I am Kassi, one of two closet crafting sisters that finally came out in the open with our nasty crafting habits! :) I say closet crafting because in general the people we hang with on a daily basis don’t realize how much we enjoy crafting and that we craft quite often. We discovered blogging only a few short months ago, but like with most things that we do, we have jumped in feet first and happen to really love the experience!
Our blog, Truly Lovely with the Laney Sisters, is centered on the things that we find to be, well... truly lovely. A good majority of those things are our crafting projects! We have blogged about several different crafts so far. A few favorites of ours are the Chalkboard Canisters that I made, which you can check out here
 Or the felt hair bows that Kayli came up with. Check those out here 
We also LOVE featuring other crafty bloggers through our Fancy This Fridays Linky Party! To check that out, give us a visit! And please, while you’re there, grab a button! Share the blogging love, right?!

We also blog about the lovely happenings that seem to go down in the lives of Kassi and Kayli. We kind of think we lead semi-interesting lives… But then again who doesn’t think that their own lives are at least a little bit interesting!
I graduated with my Masters last December, so with a year out in the real world, I am just getting into the grown up tasks of planning my wedding for this summer,  hoping to purchase a home someday soon, tackling my first real world job, and all the trials and of course, tribulations that come along with that!
Kayli is a senior in high school, getting ready for graduation, choosing a college to attend, planning for her first home on her own, and all that excitement. She’s also the family baker, and is known around her school for being the girl to bring in cookies or cakes on someone’s birthday.
And I think she takes a lovely senior picture... Don't you?!

So that’s us, the sisters behind Truly Lovely with the Laney Sisters. We hope you’ll stop by and leave us a word or two of encouragement… Remember I said we’re new to blogging… We can use all the encouragement we can get!
And thanks to For the Love of Blogs for having us!
We are so excited that we found this fun community of fellow bloggers!!!
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As always, thanks for being here. We love this community so much. You all rock. Enjoy the New Year.!


posidanielle said…
I am clicking the fence and I am definitely going to check out truly lovely. Thanks for sharing them!
Joyful Grandma said…
Like your blog, like your canisters. Came by through Friday blog hop. Hope you will stop by too.
Thank you so much for featuring us!!! We are so excited to be here!!! :)
AliLilly said…
What an AWESOME feature for such a great blog! I HEART TRULY LOVELY! :)

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