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For The Love of Blogs Introduces:
hello friends!  my name is lindsay, allow me to introduce myself:
the facts: i am a 25 year old newlywed living in a lovely little home with my hubby matthew and our wonderful animal family.
i currently reside in the state of nebraska, quite the opposite of the big city lifestyle i was used to growing up in the suburbs of chicago. i love this town though, the people are amazing and right now it fits.  one day i may find my way back to the city life...philadelphia, seattle?  san diego?  we'll see where life takes us!

a full time job, part time gig and school currently consume my day to day life. i work for an insurance agency in the marketing department, but escape the 9 to 5 job at school where i am getting my degree in graphic design. this is my true love! i also am a design assistant to a lovely photographer and also help the oh so wonderful stella (a fantastic local boutique) with their window and store displays.

my heart: my loving husband, family and friends take the cake when it comes to my heart. the amount of love, loyalty and support that i receive from them on a daily basis is all i need to get through the day.

i love love love the color yellow...it makes me happy :), good vintage finds and thrifting brings a smile to my face. i love to create and design...typography, layout and color are my forte. in my next life i hope to be a famous photographer...lets just say i heart photography! this list is truly never ending.

stop by my little corner of the world i call scenic glory to learn a little bit more about the things that make me smile and set me free.

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Vic said…
Lindsay Rocks! LOVE HER:)
djpr said…
I swear every time I go to her page, she inspires me some way or other. I'm so glad she's got her feature, we can all say we knew her before she was famous cuz I've got no doubt she will be one day!
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for posting Lindsay's blog! I've only read a few posts from her so far and am already looking forward to the inspiration I'll get from her blog in the future. <3

I love her blog! I've so been enjoying it!
It looks like a great blog! I have to go and check it out and leave a comment.


lindsay said…
thank you for the love of blogs for featuring me! what you do here is so wonderful. i am so lucky to have such loyal and amazing followers and i absolutely love having the opportunity to discover amazing blogs as well because of you.

you are all the best and please know that every comment and compliment is so very appreciated. you have no idea how much blogging has changed me...it is such a wonderful feeling ♥
AubrieAnne said…
I found her blog yesterday through Donna's blog. I'm really enjoying it and I like what she writes about. I'm very happy she got a feature to day.

AubrieAnne @ http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/
Ashley said…
I love Lindsay, she truly is amazing! xo
Shalyn said…
Lindsay's blog is the most inspiring one that I read (and I read alot)! I highly recommend it and LOVE Lindsay- sweetest girl ever!
Jessica said…
What a beautiful blog, thanks for sending me to her!
angie on maui said…
I just started following Lindsay's blog and it only took having to read two of her posts for me to know that I liked her. A lot. :)

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