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For The Love of Blogs Introduces:

Pink Hibiscus is a twenty something year old Irish girl, living a humdrum, small town life that she's itching to make changes to. She isn't one of those organised people, and has no real direction in life right now (but is enjoying it all the same!). She falls in lust easily, and thought she was in love once. She has a penchant for high heels, people who can spell properly and getting "kidnapped" by menfolk. She wishes she took more pictures, if only for her bloggywog. She'd love to be heavily tattooed, but can't see that happening because of her perception of herself and the fear of what people will say. She'd like to share her thoughts, dreams and various fashion, people and thing lusts with YOU!

Pink Hibiscus is a whole load of contradictions.
An extroverted introvert.
A closet romantic, but doesn't show her feelings too well on the outside.
A loyal friend, but one that has more acquaintances.
A lazy workaholic.
A wannabe blogger, that hides it from the world outside the Internet.

The blog itself is a myriad of things, from music, fashion and plain old life. It's got a lot of personal opinions on things, as well as personal stuff. Not so many pictures, but that's something I'm working on at the moment! And when I get to twenty followers, I have a HUGE giveaway planned!

Interested in checking me out? Head over in and make my day.

A special thanks to Collette for being a part of our Fabulous Community. Be sure to leave her some comment love today and follow along if you wish.

Enjoy the Day!


djpr said…
Wow, how can you NOT head over there after reading that? :) Oh and pssst! For the Love of Blogs is awesome! I gotta get that in there at least once a day ya know? <3
AJ said…
Haven't even jumped over to Collette's yet and love her already! Can't wait to get to know her better.
Pink Hibiscus said…
Thanks so much for featuring me! I'm only popping on for a few minutes tonight.... I'm seeing the boy after a two week absence and I still have to get rid of my uniform! But I'll be back to thank everyone properly tomorrow!

Renata said…
ahh that bio/profile is amazing. I'm excited to chunk out a few minutes and head over there.

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