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For The Love of Blogs Introduces: DrawCity


I am a graphic designer and illustrator from Cape Town, South Africa.
I run an Etsy shop where I sell mainly my illustrations, handmade illustrated garlands/bunting and in between I have a range of t-shirts and perspex cuffs which contain stylized designs of my illustrations. My personal favorites are my little drawings of mini coopers cars and my coffee range titled JoeCity.
I'm a coffee fanatic and I hope to expand my range of illustrations onto tea towels or should I say coffee towels? Aside from that, I also run the Drawcity blog. I post daily about topics ranging from beautiful treasuries that Drawcity has been featured in to featuring talented and popular illustrators especially ones that are similar in flavor to my Drawcity style. I try to keep Drawcity all about drawing and illustration. As of January next year I plan to start featuring how drawing and illustration is used in interior design and decorating projects. Exciting and I can't wait!
Thank You DrawCity for being here. Please stop by to say hello and make their day. And stay tuned for more great features.


Crystal said…
On my way to visit! Have a great evening!!
Alida said…
gonna go and check her out!!
Her illustrations are so great! I love the mini. I would love that car some day. Capetown is one of my favorite places. Definitely going to check it out :)
shah wharton said…
Looks interesting. Gonna scoot over now. Shah. x
Thank you evveryone for the lovely comments here and on my blog!
posidanielle said…
I am definitely going to head over there now! Thank you!
The illustrations are wonderful, being a coffee lover as well..I am heading on over.
Love the illustrations! This is a great idea for a blog & I look forward to reading more! Hi~ I am your newest follower from the Tuesday blog hop & would love it if you stopped by and returned the love :)

OH!! I LOVE coffee too! :) How fun would some little coffe towels be for the kitchen!
Raynata said…
Will definitely check her out! I'm your newest follower from blog hop Tuesday! I also love the Bokeh and bubbles pic at the top of your blog (and the cookies as well)! Love the blog and the thought behind it!
lindsay said…
what a wonderful feature! i absolutely love these illustrations :) heading over right now!!

MandeeFoFandee said…
love the illustrations - they're just the right amount of quirky! :)
angie on maui said…
I'm loving what you ladies are doing here! I always love a good blog (or book!) recommendation, so I'm off to check them out...

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