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hey y'all! i'm kim from wanderlustee.com and i'm here on FTLOB to try to brainwash convince you to visit my blog! 
what started as a way for me to vent about my fitness adventures and weightwatchers watchin' turned into a general blog about my life.

i have lived in nyc for going on five years (don't be jellie) but miss my old life in the sunshine state and i loooove to travel (be jellie!). i wish i could be one of those amazing year-long travel bloggers who supports themselves simply by taking awesome pictures and talking about how awesome travel is, but unfortunately it's not in the cards (yet). until then i spend my summers trying to visit new countries and my school years planning the next trip. 
did i mention i'm a teacher?
a high school teacher?
in the boogie down 
(that's the south south bronx for those of you non-NYers)
a spanish high-school teacher in the south bronx. 
are you soooo jealous of me yet? 
so sometimes my work life creeps into the blog but i try not to talk about it too much as you occasionally hear on the news about teachers getting in trouble for blogging about their worklife. the most recent "incident" at my school was a girl walking back into class after being kicked out holding up a sign that said, "who wants to eat my a**". charming right?
but life as a teacher is never boring, if not totally frustrating. 
in comes escapist fantasies of year-long, world-wide travel!
i also have a budding interest in photography that i'm trying to find time to explore, plus teaching myself italian via rosetta stone, learning to art journal (or other various crafts), reading the widest variety of books ever and keeping up with my television and celebrity gossip!

oh, and harry potter is featured heavily. 
if any of the above seem even mildly interesting to you, i implore you to stop on by and give me a holler, also tweet me @thekimberlyrae ... my tweets mostly consist of television commentary but im working on becoming more entertaining!

thanks for reading, and hope to see y'all soon! :)



kimberly rae said…
omg, yaaay! thank you girls soo much! you made my (unwise blah) day wonderful! :)
Ryan Williams said…
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