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Hey guys! I'm Kristen; the girl behind Confessions of a Graphic Design Student.

I'm 24 years old, from Connecticut, living in Utah, married to my best friend, fascinated with design, and figuring out life one day at a time.

My dream has always been to live an artistic and creative life.

I was the kid who's art projects always got selected for the art shows. I was voted "Best Artist" my senior year of high school and even was chosen to be recognized for a state award. Come senior year I was accepted into Utah State University's art program. Everyone thought I would do amazing things.

I ended up surprising everyone by doing a total 180...

Long story short... I dropped out after one semester and followed my heart to Josh who has been my husband for over five years. I've never regretted choosing love... I know there is no one else in the world that could love and tolerate me as much as he does :) We are mommy and daddy to two mini dachshunds, Sam and Nelly (I tend to mention them from time to time!). 

I spent a long time trying to prove to everyone that leaving school was a good choice, that getting married at 19 was in no way a naive decision, and that I could be just as successful as I wandered down my own path.

Well, I was definitely naive. 
Life was being thrown at me in all different directions and I got a little lost.  After years of trying to convince myself that office work made me happy, I decided one day that it was not the life I wanted to live. I wanted a career; not just a job. I wanted to follow my passions, to go back to my artistic roots, to feel like myself again. 
So I followed my heart (again).
I quit my job, enrolled in school, started this blog, and here I am one year later, much closer to making my dreams a reality.
I'm a deep thinker with a huge sense of humor. I love sharing my projects and telling the stories behind the art. Sometimes they're serious, but more often they are silly confessions that are sure to entertain :)

I just want to share who I am with the world and see who else can relate... there is something really beautiful about two strangers living across the globe who see the world the same as you. 

It's funny, really. 

My only goal starting this blog was to inspire others, but little did I know this amazing blogosphere would be my biggest inspiration. 

Come say hi- I would love to meet you!



Unknown said…
What a great story!! Congratulations on going back to school, I went back when I was 27 and never regretted it! What a great family photo you have! Your fur babies are just precious! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!
brlracincwgrl said…
Wow, what a wonderful story! You can never regret going after your dreams!
Sweta said…
Yaay Kristen! <3 I love her she is amazing :)
Unknown said…
there is really nothing wrong in being true to yourself.and i like what you said about inspiring others by writing and sharing stories about art and about life.i definitely would like to be apart of that circle.

my name is sarah, from the Philippines,who enjoy just the simple things in life.Peace,my kids. and possitivity.and i would like to share it with you.

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