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Hello! I’m Hayley from The Exorcism of Hayley Callaway. I’m a seventeen-year-old atheist darkling who hopes to one day be a published science fiction and fantasy writer. I’m trying to complete a manuscript for my senior project. I hope I can do it so I can graduate!

Me at my 16th birthday tea party
My sister (right) and me (obviously left)
My cats
On a scale (1-10) on the creep-o-meter I’m probably a 7 or an 8. My closet gets a little difficult to organize seeing as everything I wear is black (I get a hints of color from my tights or jewelry). But I don't bite, I swear!
You will find me wreaking havoc (don’t worry, I’m a respectful scavenger) at garage sales and thrift shops quite frequently, documenting my scores on my blog.
One of my garage sale scores
I’m a big history buff. I’m that kid who raises their hand at every question during history class and the teacher will say, “Anyone else?” before calling on me. So, the love of history peeks through in my blog. Especially morbid history. Have you ever wanted to know the history of the electric chair? Click here and there you go!

This is my senior year of high school. Right now, I’m going to an early college program, which allows me to take both high school and community college courses. I’m about to apply to four-year colleges and a bunch of scholarships this semester so that should be fun. (Insert groan here.)
I’ve been to four different high schools in one of the worst public school districts in California (seriously, there are statistics to prove it.) Because I’ve jumped around so much I haven’t had that many friends so I decided to thrust myself into the blogosphere to hopefully make some friends. I don’t care if you’re twelve or ninety-two, please become my friend!
Lonely Hayley. Let me creepily photoshop your picture in! Haha!
Hope to see you around!

WARNING: You’ll find me to be a heretic at times; my blog is not meant to insult people (most of the time) but if you are very religious and get offended easily, this blog isn’t for you. Just saying. And that I'm very interested in the occult (although I don't believe in any religion, I just find religion both fascinating and sometimes frustrating.)


I'm curious to read her blog so I'm definitely following her.

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You sound fun. Nice knowing you!

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