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Hey there friends!! Its me Stephanie Kelley from "My Creative Brightside."
I love scrapbooking, cooking, fashion and pretty much anything artsy. My blog is pretty much a vibrant mix of all the things that brighten my day and stir my creativity, hence the name. The concept of my blog is quite simple really, to share with others the things that make me smile and to inspire the inner chef or crafter..etc.
Im 23 years old and have been married for 2 1/2 years!! Ya i know kinda young your thinking but its pretty much amazing. My husband and I just bought our first house which means i get my own room for crafting. Let me tell you this house is a complete remod and i will be posting all of our progress on ripping up floors, repainting, putting wood and tile. AND of course decorating which is my passion!!
I always have a camera on hand and keep a close look out for thrift store or possible photo session spots!!
I love good can of spray paint and a sheet of canvass!!! I have an etsy shop where i sell some handmade art and stationary as well as vintage sewing patterns!! I know random but the picture on them are so adorable.
I love doing floral arrangements as well and get so excited to see how the bride adores them.

I love DIYs and i am always on the hunt for more. From mini terrariums to dream catchers...I want them ALL!! I intend to bring my readers the simpliest yet amazing projects you can share with those around you.
Recently, i have been taking on a Julia and Julia challenge of sorts and have set it in my mind to complete all the recipes on Sam the Cooking guys website!! I call it Cooking Adventures but in my mind its more like Sam vs Steph. He has amazing and simple recipes that i try and document my success (so far there was only one my husband did not like)
Wont you join me in celebrating all things crafty and bright? Blogging is what its about my friends and i love meeting you and sharing a little slice of happiness!!

loooveee... Stephanie Kelley


Ooh! Sounds like a girl after my own heart! Off to check out her blog! :) Happy Friday all!
How exciting to get featured!! Im liking what I'm reading so I'm gonna head over to check out your blog! I got married young too...I say if you find your man early snatch him up and make it official lol!
Debbie said…
can't wait to go visit your blog! I love DIY stuff.
Crissa said…
New follower! Sounds like I'm going to love your blog. Come visit me at www.BellaBud.com
Sinea Pies said…
So happy for you that your blog is being featured! Those floral arrangements are absolutely beautiful...you are so talented. Looking forward to visiting your site. Enjoy!
b. lee said…
"my creative brightside" looks like a delightful spot :D
Jenny said…
Awww such a cute kitty :D !!

I'm off to visit her blog now!
So cute! Your blog looks like SO much fun!!! I will definitely check it out!
Looks like an "irresistible" blog!

Anonymous said…
I don't often go check out your featured bloggers, but I think I will do this time! Thanks!!
melody-mae said…
what a beautiful blog!
steph said…
Thanks so much friends your comments made my day :)

Kortney said…
Hi! I'm stopping by from the Super Stalker Sunday Hop! Thanks so much for linking up with us and stalking around! :) Be sure to come join us again next Sunday for a fun filled day of stalking! =D

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