Attention Coffee Lovers

Elllo! Our bean chat on Gevalia last Thursday was extremely fun! Bobbi and I enjoyed it so much except we kept getting booted off {kinda like twitter boots us off or freezes us on our chat below} and so we decided that we'd like to offer something like this without the interruptions. Our Coffee Talk on Friday will be a link up of your unwind post for the week and a coffee chat in the comments here.

Bobbi, Myself and/or both will be hosting this chat and we're looking for a different co-host every Friday. If you'd like to participate, we'll be doing this every Friday at 1pm est.
This chat will start at 1pm and end at 2pm est. We'll be talking about anything under {and even above} the sun. Coffee of course, life, what we'll be doing over the weekend, what books you're currently reading, the weather, anything and everything, no limits, even sex, drugs, lies and cries if you'd like! This will be our chance to chit chat it up and unwind after a long week.

The participants will be automatically entered into a Coffee Shop Giveaway. Those can consist of gift cards to Starbucks, DD, coupons of different coffee items at your local grocer, anything related to coffee, mugs, etc....We'll throw out the giveaway during that chat and I'll be leaving comments back and forth throughout the entire morning, so if you can't come back at 1pm, then we can and will still be chatting all morning long.

I really enjoyed hosting this event last week on Gevalia and I think this way we can do it here without anyone getting booted or froze up! So please let us know if you'd like to co-host; co-hosts will be getting links to their sites and we'll send you a little gift for doing so:) !!! exciting stuff! hope to see you there.

Our first Coffee Talk Session will be this Friday at 1pm! Be there or be square. xoxo


I would LOVE to co-host! :) Do I need to send an email or what??
Vic said…
I can shoot you an email right now:)
Anonymous said…
Sounds interesting! How do we sign in the comments, or do we need to email you?
Vic said…
Just be here on Friday and join the chat in the comments! If you want to co-host just email us your interest and we'll schedule you for next week:) xo
Coffee Beans said…
What are those colorful bun things? the ones that look like burgers?
vic said…
Those are macaroons. I think that's how u spell:)
Jenny said…
sounds awesome i cant wait :D
Randi said…
I am going to try my best to be here for the chat! It sounds wonderful!
Ohh the Macaroons look delicious!

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