Featured Blog: CJAE

first things first, i love art & i love taking pictures.
creativity is my thing. if i can get my hand dirty doing something
crafty...i will be the first one to jump on that band wagon. i am
graphic design student at FIDM & an aspiring photographer. i am
the crazy one you see on the ground across the street for the sake of
an awesome shot.

i design things too :) blogs, cards, paper, stuff.

on top of cjae, i am launching a photography blog as well. i am
following a new dream of mine and jumping into photography. i would
love for you to come visit me over at cjae & see my daily nonsence oh & a lot of love
too. love is always welcome over there.


Slidecutter said…
Good morning, Christa and congrats on being featured!

You had me with getting your hands dirty...best way to tackle any fun project!

Have a lovely week!
Susi said…
It looks like a lovely blog!!
Congratulations on the feature and on following your DREAMS :D
congrats on the feature :) your pics are looking as lovely as ever!
Meesh said…
Congratulations on getting featured! You have beautiful photography over at your blog (and an awesome design, if I do say so myself.)
Chrissy said…
Wonderful feature! Happy Monday xxx
Chels said…
Haha, on the ground just to get a shot? Girl, me too. :)
Sinea said…
Congratulations on the feature!

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