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Happy Friday Everyone! We're sending a lovely feature out and then we'll get fab friends started! enjoy

My3littlebirds is a new adventure for me and I hope you'll come along. My blog is my newest baby, but I have three others and raising them is the focus of my life. I'm a social worker turned mother turned blogger, and my passions are my family, writing, my faith, and living the best life that I can. My goal is to live slowly, intentionally, and with purpose. I want my life to mean something.

I write about parenting from the perspective of a clinical social worker who struggled with the decision to leave my career and focus on my family. I think a lot about the emotional and developmental aspects of parenting- for both parent and child. I'm fascinated with how much parenting changes us.

My blog is a mix of introspective posts about my experiences as a mother and humorous anecdotes about whatever's on my mind. I'm starting two regular link parties: What's for Dinner, where you can feature a favorite family-friendly recipe on Mondays, and News from Your Nest on Fridays, which features favorite meaningful posts or stories from the past week.

I have a dry sense of humor and I'm not afraid to use it. I think that the ability to laugh at yourself is a gift.

Forsythia, in my Grandmother Mary's crock pitcher. I'm lucky to have several pieces from her kitchen. My favorite is her dough bowl, similar to those featured in Pottery Barn but far more precious, since I know they were her hands doing the kneading. I suspect she even had a little helper kneading in that bowl a time or two...a little boy who left the farm and is now a 67 year old man in San Francisco. My dad.
I never met my Grandmother Mary but I have her name. I have her molasses jug. I have her recipe box. I have her crocks and dough bowl. And as I get a little older, I feel a need to keep these treasures of hers alive, so that her great grandchildren can be connected to that Kentucky farm kitchen and the farmer's wife who made bread and pies and cornbread.

The same recipe I use, the way my dad likes it.

I hope you'll enjoy visiting my3littlebirds and find that you relate to some of what you read. I love the community aspect of blogging and getting to know other moms and writers has been one of my favorite aspects of this experience.


Great feature!!! I absolutely LOVE this blog, and I highly recommend a visit :)

The part about your grandmother gave me chills. I love family connections like that. She sounded like a very special person!
Slidecutter said…
Congrats on being featured and on a lovely post!

Such nice memories of your Grandmother with those special things to always cherish. I have my Grandmother's Cast Iron Skillet that dates back to the 1920's..use it to make Irish Soda Bread each year.

Looking forward to following your blog!

Have a great Friday,

my3littlebirds said…
Thanks for featuring my blog today!
Becky said…
Congratulations on being featured!! :) I really enjoy this blog and highly recommend it!
No. 7 said…
Hooray! Now the whole world can see how fantastic My3littlebirds is. A wonderful and engaging writer. I look forward to each and every post..dry humor and all :)
Martha Smith said…
Hi, this is the first time I've been on your blog and I love. Look forward to spending more time here. I have one question. I'm sorry to leave a comment here but I could leave one on the "Join us" page. It says to add yourself to the "category page" but I can't find it. Sorry, but I really want to join your blog community. Love it! Thanks
my3littlebirds said…
Thank you all for your sweet comments about my3littlebirds. I can't tell you all how much I appreciate your feedback.
Martha, you should be able to just click Follow, either at the very top left of my page, or on the right sidebar where the other followers are listed. Thanks for going through the trouble to ask the question here to follow my blog!
I love this post. I try and think about how I can connect my children and out lives to our history and my grandparents. We live in a different state and in a very different world. I make caramel sauce on Christmas using my grandmothers recipe and I try to remember stories.

One day our kids and grand kids will find out blogs and read about our lives (then what will they think of us).


Vic said…
@martha...the categories are on the navigation tool bar under the header:)

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