Featured Blog: Grown Up Rachel

My name is Rachel Parker, and I blog at Grown Up Rachel.

I'm a little like a ferret in that I get easily distracted by pretty things, but my blog also has a lot of words. See, I'm finishing up a MA in English this semester. Part of the deal is that I use lots of words (or they take my degree away). Not necessarily big words, but lots of words. Don't worry, there are also pictures. Lots of pictures.

I post about reading, writing, baking, photography, faith, daily life, and other blogs. It's important to me to create a community for myself and for others, so I host a weekly blog spotlight series and link up to give back.

Grown Up Rachel is really my quest to find what I love. To love what I have. To have what I need. It is my quest to live life the way I want, because grown ups should do that, and many of them don't.

But really you should come hang out with me because I'm awesome. True fact.


Slidecutter said…
I LOVE that dress; I LOVE that belt! If you get tired of both, call me, lol!

Congrats on being featured, love your post!

chantilly said…
you seem adorable! will def. check out your blog :)
Juliet said…
Seems like a very sweet blog. I'll definitely be following.
Jaimie said…
heading over now.. but that DRESS is AWESOME!
Natalie said…
You are way awesome! Congrats on your feature!
stephanie said…
i love rachel. she's one of my personal faves ;)
your adorable! laughing hard that you compared yourself to a ferret... :) congrats on the feature, they're so much fun!
ixy said…
Congrats on your feature! Love the ferret analogy :)

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