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Who me?

I'm a young wife and recent college grad who is (I just know it) at the cusp of my next journey in life. My husband is from Sri Lanka and we're trying our darnedest to get him a green card so we can just have kids already!! (My opinion. He's content to keep me waiting. Stinker.) We really enjoy our life here and the funny little things we do with it.

I post a lot of my own photography - it's a hobby in that I find what is beautiful in anything. Everything. Trust me. I may or may not have a history of taking photos of rotting fruit. It's cool. Sometimes. I am a firm believer that everyone has a beautiful face. Some just need to be combined with great lighting and flattering angles to coax out confidence. When the Spring comes expect face photos. My sister and I are very close and we blog about each other.

I adore my family and blog of them often. I crochet and craft like a nut. My homemade wreaths are popular as are the headbands, jewelry and framed cutouts of my dogs. I have two crazy dogs and also blog about them a little too much. When a baby finally arrives I'll blog about the baby more than the dogs but for now I only have canine kids.

Really it's a hodge-podge life but it's mine. I suffer from serious depression and am not shy about talking about it. Fighting my depression is a life-long battle that seemed to emerge from my mother's side. When I blog of it I like to talk about how I recognize it is different from the real me and how I deal with it. Usually with exercise, cleaning, writing, etc. Anything but sitting in the dark alone.

When I was 16 I was stricken with some sort of a virus that attacked my brain. As a result of that I live with a condition called simply "chronic migraine" and is controlled by medication which, in combination with my brain encephalitis, ruined my memory. That is why I capture things. That is why I write. I know I have to preserve every tiny thing if I want to ever recall those images and words.

We are the lovebirdies, my man and I. Ready to move forward. And always ready to meet new friends!



Slidecutter said…
Love your story, Jamie and very much looking forward to reading your blog and enjoying your photography!

Congrats on being featured!

Mira said…
this is so sweet! thanks for sharing your story! :)
Jamie is way fun!! I follow her already! You should def. check her out friends!
Congrats for being featured! Will definitely follow your blog.

A Ladybug's Life
Caseyt87 said…
Wanted to say hi- I'm your newest follower from FTLOB.

Love your story!
Crystal said…
I loved how honest and open your post was!!
Looking forward to reading more=)
yasmeen said…
you know, there's a serious lack of honest, original content out there (not here, of course!) :)

thanks for sharing your interesting story so candidly. it makes the blogging world a better, more educational, truer place.
Anonymous said…
Lovely blog Jamie, so honest and simple. I'll enjoy reading you for sure.
Congrat for the feature!

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