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Featured Blog: My Blog is Boring

Hi friends! I'm Natalie, and my blog is boring. I try hard to make it interesting and funny, but in reality, I treat it pretty much like an online journal, and so sometimes, it IS boring. It's also sometimes sad, hilarious, reminiscent, whiny, braggy, vomit-inducing, offensive, enticing, inciting, and enlightening; but still mostly boring. I would love it if you'd read it and follow it anyhow. :)

I got my blogging start on a local social networking site that was hosting blogs way back in 2005 or so; that blog is long since gone, but the "My Blog Is Boring" title was inspired by all the flak I took back then for blogging every detail of my life (I was in the middle of a divorce, so I had plenty to say) and then posting links to it in an effort to drive traffic to my words. Apparently, if you're not a blogger, blogs are uninteresting and dull and monotonous and, well, boring; or, I was told, at least mine was. Like with most things that hurt my feelings, I turned it around in a way that allows me to laugh at myself. It doesn't hurt so much if I'm laughing along with everyone else, you know?

Anyhow, I guess I should tell you some things about me in an effort to convince you to come read my boring blog. Here are the vital statistics:

I'm 30 years old. I love to talk about me, because I think I'm awesome. I have a hard time understanding why things that are important to me aren't AS important to everyone else. I realize that, while awesome, I'm not perfect, not even close, and I've decided 2011 is going to be a year of improvement and change - so far, I've quit smoking (except for that time or three where I cheated) and I've started doing at least 20 minutes of cardio each day in an effort to make myself healthier and maybe a little less fat. Oh, and I'm crazy. If you're a woman, you are too - it's just our nature. The key is recognizing, accepting, and loving your own particular version of crazy. Unless you're the scary crazy. If you're her, please don't hurt me.

I'm not married; I'm in a long-term (4 years this past October), monogamous, planning-it-to-be-a-lifelong-thing relationship. His name is Jimi. I write about him a lot, because when we're not at work, we're together...all the time. And I love him more than air. Marriage? Maybe one day, but Jimi's all "I don't believe in marriage" and "Why do I need a piece of paper to show I love you?" blah blah blah. And I'm all "Okay, that's cool - I need you to sign these insurance papers and this Power of Attorney and this Last Will and Testament."

We have no children...yet? My first-ever pregnancy ended in miscarriage a week after I discovered it this past September. Until then, we'd been practicing the wait-and-see-what-happens method of family planning; in other words, if it happened, cool, if not, then that was probably cool too. And then the pregnancy hormones and my biological clock met and now I fluctuate almost daily about whether or not I want to try to get pregnant again. I do, really, but I'm terrified of another miscarriage or learning that I'm the newest member of the infertility club, so sometimes it seems like it'll just be easier to continue on the path we were before and accept what the universe throws my way. But I really want a baby.

We have a dog (Finnegan) and a cat (Q). 

Neither of them is particularly well-behaved, but they're not bad, either. EDIT: As I was typing this, Jimi, sitting next to me, suddenly exclaimed, "What do you mean that cat is not well-behaved?! The dog is bad, but that cat is an angel!" He's right; I can't think of anything the cat does wrong except cry at our bedroom door, wanting his breakfast, as soon as he hears our first alarm go off at 6 a.m.

I have a good job that I enjoy - except for all the working. My job is fast-paced and stressful, and I try to leave it at work but it often follows me home in the form of 2 a.m. phone calls and weekends spent trying to catch up on paperwork. I don't blog about work much, but every now and then I'll lose my shit and spend 45 minutes hacking away at the keyboard, spewing out all the pent-up frustrations about a job I really should just shut up and be grateful to have. And my boss is really awesome.

I get really passionate about things - often things that don't necessarily involve me in any way. Like gay rights - the idea of limiting the rights of living, breathing Americans based upon something that is no one else's business makes me get all stabby. I've written at least twice about how sad/pissed off I was when I found out Chick-fil-A supports anti-gay agendas. I try not to blog too much about my political leanings - I'm afraid I'll alienate too many potential readers.

But I'm not all soapbox and strident feminist - I love love, and I love talking about love, and I love all things happy and sappy and sentimental and gushing with sweetness. I try to censor myself enough so that I don't make you all gaggy because I shared a WAY TMI moment, but it happens sometimes. I'm sorry in advance.

I've probably told you way too much about me and now you'll feel like you've read it all already if you go visit my blog (is boring), but please, for the sake of my ego, do it anyhow. It'll make my day. And I'll be your friend if you'll be mine.

Love and Kisses!


Susi said…
Natalie, I LOVE your description of yourself and your blog!!! I'm looking forward to visiting your blog, I think the online journal kind of blog is the most interesting kind of blog, and that most other kinds of blogs are quite boring! Heading there
Anonymous said…
Agreed, great description..makes me want to head right over and check it out!
Ashley said…
I enjoyed reading this! My blog is a life journal as well so I can relate to posts being funny and entertaining and some posts being normal and boring - but I'm glad I write for myself first of all. Also, I didn't know that about Chick Fil A. That makes me sad.
I was so excited to see you featured, congrats! If I didn't already read your blog, I'd definitely head over to check it out after reading that. Hopefully you get a bunch of new readers, your blog is totally NOT boring :)

Crystal said…
Oh, I quite like your blog! I don't find you boring at all... I like the "keeping it real" vibe =)
Patty said…
An out-of-the-box it! Most, if not all, of us write about our lives; maybe this is boring, to some, but not to those of us who share in the real ups & downs of living.

Congrats on being featured and...Welcome!

Natalie said…
OMG OMG OMG!!! Thanks, guys, for all the love!!! This is so exciting!
Emily said…
i love it!!!! i'm SO boring too and am always shocked when people say they like my blog. And especially when they say I'm funny. I'm SERIOUS and I don't really think being called funny is that much of a compliment. Also I totally agree that ALL of us women are crazy. I always say when a woman picks a mate she either picks one who will call her out on her crazy and help her be a little less crazy or she picks one that unleashes more of her crazy ;) Def gonna follow you!!!
You've hooked me!! Agree - we're all a bit nuts in our own way. Am heading over to yours now to see whether we're the same kind of crazy!!! Love it!
Ummm you're ADORABLE! You sound a lot like myself... and therefore, I'm now going to head over to your blog and become a follower :)
Rachel Parker said…
Hahaha! I like you, mostly because you make me think of myself. I always say that I'm the most awesome person I know.
Ms. Blasé said…
Your life sounds pretty UN-boring to me :)
Chrissy said…
How fun! I am totally coming! xxx
Unknown said…
and my blog is boring details of my life, too. we all should get together with our boring blogs!
I'll have too stop by and read more of your boring-ness I guess.
Treebytheriver said…
Left a comment on your blog. Love the way you completely undersold yourself. Your blog was very interesting!
Jenna said…
I love your feature! - So real, funny, sarcastic, refreshing - you name it... I love people who are so open and your life doesn't seem at all boring to me!

Unknown said…
HAHAHA! I love the name!! :) And I like her thoughts on marriage! :) Sign here please.

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