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hi guys. a very special welcome to our newest sponsors. we are so happy to see them over there on the far right sidebar. as well as your fabulous buttons on the community page and link-ups. we wanted to offer a frontal exposure for each of you because we know how important your sites are to you. although the community page is there, the front page exposure is immediate. so a warm welcome to these fabulous members who deserve a deeper look into their lives.

Say hi to
Sounds of Laughter- a very inspirational blog that i think you will all fall in love with.
Whitney of WhitSpeaks- a young college lady who loves pugs, shopping and coffee.
Lindsey of TexaGermaNadian- a hockey wife exploring the world, literally. Sarcasm and humor come easy.
TravelGirl- a gemini who loves her cat and travels. she's creating herself through her blog and humor.
Travel Babbles- an almost hockey wife with an extremely cute bull dog.
The Laughing Lion- a funny, crafty kinda gal who lives in England with her fiancĂ©, two pet rats and a jack Russell.
Kelsey of Eat Drink Be a Tourist- a college student studying recreation and tourism. she's a sports fan and likes to cook.
Eisy Morgan- an inspirational blogger who loves all things pretty, has a wonderful husband and enjoys friends.
The Weekend File- a fashion diva who has the cutest little puppy and a heart of gold.
Joyful Jones- after facing heartache, she's found a way to find joy in the everyday happenings and share it with each of us.
Gee of Sock Monkey- a love for fashion, coffee, books and painting takes this beauty soaring.
Moda Chic Boutique- a very creative, crafty lady who enjoys making all things pretty.
Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt- a funny blogger who talks about farts and that's all you really need to know! LOL
Many Waters- an inpiration to all. she will make you feel right at home.
Scenic Glory- you all know our wonderful Lindsay who offers beautiful designs and inspiring thoughts.

as many of you know, we had a 10 winner ad space giveaway. we thank all of you for participating and offer a really fabulous deal on spaces for those who did not win. our goal is to fill the entire right sidebar with your buttons, so feel free to check the specials out often. we're dedicated to doing as much as we can to show you off. 

sponsor us

right now there are only 3 more spots for the 212X100 placed on top! you can get that space for a low $10 right now. in between the 105X105 ads we will put 212X100 if more sponsors come in. the 105X105 is $8 right now.
at the spur of the moment, we may throw out deals in the middle of the month and give a one day only grabber.

we will also rotate these ads to give maximum exposure-

at the very bottom of the 105X105 ads, we will be offering a one size ad: 212X350 Huge-gives you enough space to write anything about your site right on that ad. it's a fabulous way to attract views and gain more exposure. this space will be available once a month per sponsor. so this means only one ad down there giving you all that space.

this is the actual size-


ads are to be approved before we place them. feel free to contact us for more information and specials bloglove {at} aol {dot} com

A Very Special Announcement~

we are hosting a promotional sponsorship post where everyone who offers ad space deals can tell us a little about their sites and what they are offering for the month. this is a great way to gain sponsors and get more insight on your wonderful blogs.

be sure to include:

-The Name of Your Site/URL
-A Little about your Site
-On average how many views you get, how many readers, etc...
-What kind of deal you are offering: include sizes, rates
-anything of importance to get you sponsors!

email this info to bloglove at aol

we will try to have these promotional posts every month-if you want a spot on this list, be sure to email that information!

Our First Promotional Sponsor Post will be on Sunday 2/13


posidanielle said…
This is such a great idea!! I love it!! I would love to purchase some ad space but I have to wait until tomorrow. I hope you all have a fabulous day!
Jackie D said…
Aw thanks for the shout out! I love this community, I'm so glad I found it :)
Ashley said…
Thanks for the mention! Appreciate it and you blog here:)
Ashley @EisyMorgan
Chrissy said…
Is it stupid to ask who actually won the ad spaces? Or did I miss something?
Alyssa said…
You are too sweet!! I'm so glad I actually won something!! Thanks so much!! (:


Vic said…
@Chrissy the ten are listed in this post:)
TexaGermaNadian said…
Wow! This rocks, thanks for the shout out :) Gotta support FTLOB for all they do for us in bloggyland!

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