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Dear Friends. Happy Sunday. We have so much going on that we decided to take a break from the hops for a minute. Please feel free to leave the comment love as usual but also remember to take a minute to renew. Enjoy some features today!

My name is Alida, that's uh-lee-duh, and I blog at Blackpurl's Knitpickings...an expat journal. I write about the ups and downs of life as an American living abroad. I love to take photos, meet new people, try new foods, crochet and knit (as the purl in Blackpurl indicates), learn about new cultures and be involved in the community. I guess I feel safe enough with you all that I will also say that we are missionaries, not yo grandma's idea of a missionary... we are 12 Step Recovery missionaries who are simply out carrying the message as Step 12 dictates. So every now and then I also give updates about our work.


I live with my husband of 29 years and it still feels weird not to have our sons at home anymore. But since they are 23 and 20 I can hardly begrudge them a life of their own! I started blogging five years ago just before we made our first international move from the United States to Russia. We have enjoyed time in the countries of Cyprus, Italy, Turkey and Ukraine but our travels are not always glamorous. We were in Ternopil, Unkraine during the H1N1 quarantine several years ago. We lived in a crappy apartment for two months in the stunningly beautiful Istanbul, Turkey last year while we waited to find out if our Russia visas would be renewed.


We are just beginning our life here in Belize and there are so many interesting things to see right in our yard!


And now that we have a car we are ready to explore the caves, the Mayan Ruins and beaches. Lookout Belize,..here we come!


Annie Dee said…
great feature... off to check out her blog!
posidanielle said…
Wow! I would love to travel like that! I am definitely checking out her blog now.
lindsey said…
Sounds amazing!
Thanks for sharing :)
Happy Sunday!
Becky W said…
A new GFC follower from LGS. Really enjoyed visiting your blog-love the layout and all the great information. I have bookmarked it also :)
Chrissy said…
Will go check it out right away!
Thanks ladies and have a wonderful day!
Maria said…
Pretty neat ... ~M
KY said…
Great Feature!! Happy Sunday ladies and gents :)
Cherie said…
Oh I just love your post! Our family loves to travel also, and I know I will enjoy your wonderful posts about your travels. Lucky you that gets to visit the Mayan Ruins and caves, I used to cave guide!! You sound like a wonderful and giving couple!

Hope to get to know you better. Happy Sunday!

Cathy said…
I admire your call to adventure! My hubby keeps telling me he is praying for God to call us to the mission field in some exotic location, scares the snot out of me! I have two babies and attached at the hip to my parents! You will be in my thoughts and prayers and I can't wait to check out your blog and follow your adventures!

Blessings to you new friend!
Anonymous said…
OH my heavens how fun for you to travel and see the world, I absolutely love visiting travel blogs and websites they are so much fun, and I feal like I am traveling the world from the comforts of home.

I hopped my over from Paisley Passions Blog Hop Library, and I look forward to hopping into you again soon.

Alida said…
Wow, so excited to see my feature today!! Thanks ya'll!!
Bill and Debra said…
Great featured blog post Alida. I always enjoy reading your post.

Kat said…
I LOVE her blog!!!!!
Deidra said…
That first photo makes me smile.
Alida is SO fun!! I love her interesting pictures and phrases (or Scriptures) of the day!
What a nice feature! Will definitely give some love on her page.


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