31 May 2011

featured blog: king corvid

King Corvid follows a 20-something trucker living in Cold Lake, Canada. Stuck way up in the frozen north, he doesn't have much else to do but talk. He works out, owns a python, does a lot of stencil work, and plays video games on just about every console. He's married and before long he'll be a dad.

He likes to offer his unique views on just about anything that catches his eye, be it a virtual scandal in the world of gaming culture or a funny GIF of a turtle biting a cat on the butt. He's a nerd, he's bald, he's cold, and he's at the end of his rope!

Tasty Tuesday

Good morning friends. We hope everyone had a lovely long weekend!

I love the food this lady makes. Check out these amazing suppers...

And for your sweet tooth, today we've got some gorgeous pizzelle's for you to dive into. Click here for more awesome recipes.

Get out there and start hopping. Before you go, take some time to get to know our new layout!


30 May 2011

Sponsor Love with Just Lovely Things and a little {giveaway}

Hi. My name is Heather, I live in Southern Oregon (city girl turned country gal) who constantly needs to stay busy. I recently sold my hair salon and although I still do hair, I stay pretty busy with my photography company and this new adventure {just.lovely.things} (blog & accessory line)
When not doing all that I love being at home (blog stalking), hanging with the hubs and our crazy kitty charlie!

The Giveaway:
One lucky winner will win a space on the blog for 3 Months. Just check her out and leave a comment here telling us what you love about her. We will announce the winner next week. Good Luck.

The Look Book

Featuring- Jackie B

Good day fabulous! how is your memorial day weekends going! are we sporting those classy looks for this weeks look book? today we have a great look by Jackie. This was actually one of her looks from Spring time but was so pretty, we wanted to share. Head over for more gorgeousness.

If you're new to our look book, grab a cam and take some pretty shots of you wearing, well.....anything! We'd love to see. From top to bottom, accessories and all. Be sure to tell us who you're wearing and share some details! Enjoy------You fabulous STARS★

Link to the posts please:) xoxo

29 May 2011

New Blog Directory Categories

Hello again! I'm sorry for the inconvenience and throwing new posts out. I had to do this to get rid of the cramped pages. Giving each category their own post will allow many more categories on separate views! The old pages were bunched because blogger only allows ten pages!

The Directory is here now! I am going through to delete all blogs that do NOT belong. Be sure to link blogs that belong in those categories and no where else.

Also, if there are new categories that you'd like to see, leave a comment on the directory page! Thanks guys! Good night:)

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We're Getting a New Look

Hello gorgeous faces! In starting a new month{new season}, we wanted a fresh, new site for you blog lovers to navigate and more ways to share you with the world! I'll be working on it and trying to get links transferred and sidebars taken care of asap....if you see anything not working or out of place, bear with me----it will and should be complete by this eve! Enjoy the night and the rest of your memorial day weekend:) xoxo

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Comment Love Day!

Hello friends! We thought today was a great day for spreading some comment love around. There are a lot of people in this country struggling right now and anything we can do to send out positive encouragement will help. This is also a special weekend to be remembering and celebrating all the men and women who sacrifice so much for our freedom and for our country. Those of us cozy in our homes with our loved ones today sure have a lot to be thankful for.

American Flag
We don't ask much of you awesome members during our hops but this one does have a few rules. They are super simple and if everyone follows them we'll all have a great time and make some new connections. Here they are...

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27 May 2011

Coffee Talk

Hello Everyone! Thanks for taking a breather today. We hope you had a beautiful day. I just had the most amazing week!  We just got back from the most magical place on Earth, Disney!  For a first timer, it was all of the things that I had imagined.  Don't vacations do wonder for the soul.
How was your week?  Did you do anything amazing or have anything exciting to share with us?  How are you liking this new weekend long coffee talk link up?  Isn't it amazing?  The perfect chance to drink several cups of coffee and find more fabulousness, just like yourself!

Have you caught up on all of your blog reading for the week yet?  How about entering some giveaways or two? We have plenty to see and do here!  Be sure to stop by We Heart Shops, it's a really great place to do some shopping. There are new DIY's over there now, Freebie's on Fridays and a whole lot more to come, so go over and follow along to stay up to date on all the new things going on!
While browsing the fabulous blogs, check out this weeks Fab Friends....

Have a Fabulous Weekend Friends!


comment love on sunday---stay tuned:) xoxo


Hi guys! I know you're expecting a link up today but with the many tornadoes going on, we need to have a moment of silence. My home town was hit yesterday and it was tore up. My family is all okay but it's a scary situation to say the least. We also had a lovely lady contact us asking to post about the destruction in her home town and as many of you know, these tornadoes are happening all over the place. It's frightening and we need to take a minute to pray, breathe and prepare.

You can go to redcross.org to help! Texting is available Text REDCROSS to 90999 and donate $10 if you can.

Katty has an entire page of how you can help.

If you'd like to help in other ways, please contact us at bloglove at aol dot com and we'll certainly do whatever we can do to help!

Thanks for understanding and stay tuned for Coffee Talk tomorrow:)

26 May 2011

Sponsor Love with Five Sixteenths and a little {giveaway}

I am Moe the blogger behind both Cross My Hooks & Five Sixteenths. Currently I am taking a step into 'big kid' life by moving out of my home town right after graduation. I love to create things that are nostalgic, iconic, full of color, pattern & texture. Cross My Hooks is a little online studio space for me where I can share inspiration during this transition time in my life. I have a BFA focused in ceramics but I have a love for printmaking as well. In order to keep myself straight I also have a blog called Five Sixteenths where I showcase fashion & decor. I hope to focus on my new little apartment in the coming months.

If you'd like to follow me more closely check me out on twitter & shop with me at With Love, Crochet (my little esty store). With Love is filled with unique & colorful accessories handmade by moi. I hope to see you around!
The Giveaway:

I am looking to bring back ad spaces on Cross My Hooks & to start offering spaces on Five Sixteenths. I am giving away 2 ad spaces (one for Cross My Hooks & one for Five Sixteenths) both 160x160. So there will be two winners! Ads offer a chance to guest post as well! Read more here.

To enter to win an ad space on one of her lovely blogs, stop by then comment here telling us what you love about her. We will announce the winners next week. Good Luck.

Last Chance


Shabby Apple Dress

Blog Design Makeover

Ad Spaces on Calamity Kate

If you'd like us to host a giveaway here on FTLOB-----email bloglove at aol dot com
We need sponsors for the HUGE SUMMER GIVEAWAY BASH

NEXT Thursday will be the AMAZING Margarita Madness Giveaway By Chili's------Mark Your Calenders.

Thirsty Thursday : tequila sunrise

first of all: happy TT

second of all: who loves a drink with CHERRIES in it!? i do. and i know you'd better too cause today is a slurp-A-licious day with yummy cherry garnishes!

Tequila Sunrise
Get in the mood to drink.. Once you have one Tequila Sunrise you will not want to stop drinking them.

2 oz Tequila
4 oz orange juice
3/4 oz grenadine
Garnish with cherry and lemon, or, garnish with slices of star fruit and mango.

For this drink I recommend Two Fingers Gold Tequila. Tune the amount of grenadine to your taste. Be careful not to overdue the grenadine, however. This can cause your Sunrise to be too sweet and syrupy. VIA

if you're new here, get ready to hear about a gal's best drinking pal-----the amaretto sours! totally de-lish.
i mix a little amaretto with sweet and sour mix and pour cherry juice in with sometimes a little sprite or 7-up! if you're making this yourself, you have to test the amounts...i never get mine as good as the restaurants do!:) i'm tipsy dipsy like that (i guess) shhh...don't tell anyone. photo via

Are you ready to share your fave this week and get your drinks on? VIRGIN ou NOT!

MMMMMMkay! Listen Up thirsty cup! NEXT week on TT we are Hosting the Chili's Margarita Madness and we are offering gift cards to whomever posts their favorite Margarita Recipes and links them up----stay tuned next week for details and we'll update you on further instructions.  
Ready----Set-----Get er Done!

25 May 2011

Getting Featured

Hey loves! we just wanted to put out there that if you have been featured before and it was some time ago and you'd like a Fresh, New Feature, you are more than welcome to submit those posts. We like new introductions and for our new friends that may have missed your past feature,  you are more than invited to submit something NEW that hasn't been read before. That goes for new photos as well:)

Keep in mind that we are looking for FRESH new content------NOT your already about me page or an older post of yours. People want to see stuff they haven't seen before----it keeps the spice moving!

to learn how to get featured head here.

as always, your feature will go out in the order that it was received and we push them out as often as we can!

enjoy the eve----get ready for TT tomorrow

Sponsor Me: the weekend file

Hello friends! I have updated my Sponsor page, my ad sizes have gotten a little larger and I have added additional sizes to my ad selection! Currently I have 500+ Bloglovin, Twitter, and Google Followers and anywhere from 2600-3000 visitors a week. These numbers are growing on a daily basis! Ads will go up on the 1st of the month and run for a single month or the duration of time purchased. For The Love Of Blogs Special- If you buy 3 months (June/July/August) I will offer you a 30% discount! 

Ads will be placed on my right sidebar with large ads on top and small ads below. Sponsors who purchase large ads will get a featured post. Sponsors who purchase any size ad have an option of running a giveaway during the month. 
There are three sizes available:
Large + Feature- $15
Medium- $11
Small- $7

E-mail me ASAP to secure your spot! I look forward to working with you!!

Voting Poll is Up!

please forgive for not posting a link up today, we just have so many posts that need to go out! enjoy the day:)

June's Blog of the Month Voting Poll is now up!

here are the nominees...visit each of them to vote for your favorite
over there on the sidebar is

please note: if you nominated yourself, you cannot (it's clear in the writing) and if you are not a member, you cannot be entered-we don't know if you are a member unless you sport one of our buttons. thanks for nominating and voting. have fun and visit everyone!

Sponsor Love with Oh so Very me and a little {giveaway}

Hi! I'm Jenny. I'm a shy 20 something mother of an adorable little boy and wife to my high school honey! I love art, photography, and my ball jointed doll Kloey. I write and post about her somewhat frequently :P I also have this thing for Hello Kitty which is why my little areas in our house are sorta pink and kinda girly xD
I have been blogging since '99 and as such, I have been through several domains and websites and the lot, but I have learned so much about writing and web design since then. It's been an awesome experience. To learn more about me and read about my adventures in the world, visit my blog Oh So Very Me!

The Giveaway:
leave a comment here telling us what you love about Oh So Very Me and you could be displayed on her site. Winners will be announced next week. Good luck.

24 May 2011

featured blog: bean

Hey! I am Nicole from BEAN {aka Braeden, Erik, Amira & Nicole).
I am a mother of 2 perfect children – meet teenager girl and toddler boy {yes, I’m quite aware this age difference qualifies me as borderline crazy}.

I know everyone says it, but really… I am married to my best friend. It’s no sappy love story. We met in high school {junior year}. I dated his friend; he was in love with mine. Many years later he proposed, she said yes!

Why I blog you ask?

When I write, I write with purpose {or at least MY purpose}. I want my children to be able to read about our journey. Right now they roll their eyes at me… but someday I know they will be grateful that I took a thousand photos a day of them and blogged all their embarrassing moments ;)

I want them to remember that I am not perfect meanest mom, that I have a huge amount of love for my family. I have friends. I laugh. I create. I am addicted to Starbucks and vanilla anything. I make treats… lots and lots of treats. I spend countless hours in the car {not for my own outings}. Oh yeah, and work somewhere in there.

And, I’m not alone! I have met some incredible women and families – all doing so much… sharing their trials, tribulations, secrets and advice – all via blogs.

Essentially, my blog has become my scrapbook – about life, everyday.

Although, I should warn you… I follow my own rules when it comes to punctuation and grammar {in my defense, I have to abide by every rule known to exist while working so outside of the school, I consider myself free}. I use dots… and dashes – like a teenager uses black eyeliner! I have no idea if I’m using them correctly and I. don’t. care. I put them in for effect… I am out of control. I know. I apologize to all the English majors out there.

Come visit, please.

Tasty Tuesday

Let's just skip the mumbo jumbo and dive right into this piece of yum!
Welcome to Tasty Tuesdays. Check out these delicious cupcakes from a pretty lady named Amy. Be sure to browse her site to get all the goods. Link up your favorite recipes so we can scope them out and make something tasty. Or rather, taste something de-O.

Perhaps tonight you should make this for dinner:

lemon spaghetti-get the entire recipe here

send all of your recipe posts to ashleyplus3 (at) yahoo (dot) com so she can feature it here on Tasty Tues.

If you're ready....LINK UP.....DIVE IN......And get the Taste Buds Going!


23 May 2011

Sponsor Love with Ireland Ever After

My name is Lesley and I'm the author of Ireland Ever After. Ireland Ever After is the blog I started to keep my friends and family up with my happenings in Ireland but now I hope everyone reads it because it is pretty good. Of course, I'm biased. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is probably weird or boring or all of the above. I tend to talk about my cats a lot, which I don't mean to, but it comes out before I realize it. Yeah, so if you don't like cats you may just wanna skip over those posts. Anyway, I met my husband, Barry, who is from Ireland then wrote a book called Coincidence which is published and which is very loosely based on my relationship with Barry. If I hadn't of met Barry I would have been on the fast track to being the crazy cat lady down the street all the kids talk about.
Next, Barry and I got married in September 2010 and then we had to decide what country we were going to live in. The USA, my home, or Ireland, his home.
After much thinking...we decided I would head to Ireland. So, that is where you will find me, in Ireland with my two cats, and Ireland Ever After is where you find me talking about, panicking about and learning all about living in Ireland and of course, adjusting to married life.
Come and join me...you'll find something to give you a little giggle I'm sure.

Calling all Shop Owners

dear friends and lovely supporters of We Heart Shops, thank you for being patient, the site is finally finished with more terrific ways to promote your sites. In an effort to drive more traffic to your shops, we've added a ton of features to better support the growth of small businesses.

Now the GFC is there for shop lovers to stay up to date with new arrivals, new shops, freebies and giveaways that we will now be offering. Every FRIDAY will be Freebie Friday, driving more attention to your shops and to give our supporters a chance to get something nice in return. Freebie Friday will consist of Free Downloads, Free Prints, Free tips and tricks, etc.....If you have anything you'd like to put out there, please contact us at weheartshops (at) aol (dot) com

Also giveaways will be hosted once a week starting in July. Please let us know if you are interested.

PS: our Fabulous Summer Giveaway Bash here at FTLOB will be starting in July. Please get a hold of us if you wish to offer an item in return for sponsor love @ bloglove at aol dot com

Thanx once again for all of your support and helping us be the fabulous community that we are! xo

the Look Book

Featuring: Iris Inspired

Hello Prettyful! Today is our look book link up, so whatever you did this past weekend to get dolled up, link it up and show those pretty toes off! if you're new to the look book, please take a moment to look at past ones and get a feel of how we do this link up! you can link to any post sporting any outfit-we'd love to see what you are dazzling in {even sweats, if thats the case}.

if you'd like a featured spot here on our posts, simply leave a comment and we'll get you out there! thanks for being here, now show off those looks:) xoxo

Featured Blog: CJAE

first things first, i love art & i love taking pictures.
creativity is my thing. if i can get my hand dirty doing something
crafty...i will be the first one to jump on that band wagon. i am
graphic design student at FIDM & an aspiring photographer. i am
the crazy one you see on the ground across the street for the sake of
an awesome shot.

i design things too :) blogs, cards, paper, stuff.

on top of cjae, i am launching a photography blog as well. i am
following a new dream of mine and jumping into photography. i would
love for you to come visit me over at cjae & see my daily nonsence oh & a lot of love
too. love is always welcome over there.

22 May 2011

Fun Post- most viewed

hello and happy day pretty people! today's fun post question is :

"What is Your Most Viewed Post?"

to find out;

go to dashboard, stats, all time and your most viewed post will be right there on top with total amount of views.

Now Link Up That POST- link directly to that post or it will be deleted. This fun linky will be up for a long time, so more people will have the chance to reveal their most viewed post! This is a fun, interactive way to get to know your fellow bloggers.


if you have a question you'd like to include on fun posts, simply leave it in a comment here or email us at bloglove at aol dot com

have a great day! xoxo

21 May 2011

featured blog: outnumbered

I'm Danelle. Wife. Mother. Photographer. Chef. Writer. I'm not paid to do any of that professionally, mind you, but I do it all! 
This is me.  Once every ten years, someone takes a picture of me that I actually like.
I started blogging in 2009, as a way to chronicle the ups and downs of raising three boys. I'm blessed to be a stay-at-home mom. Between volunteering at school and chauffeuring kids to after school activities, I usually have time to pursue my interests in photography and cooking.
I'm a bit of an organization freak.  Although I did relax quite a bit after the birth of my third son.  I'm no longer opposed to shoving things haphazardly into closets and under beds as a permanent storage solution.  Don't judge.  The third kid will do that to you.  I've still managed to stay organized in the areas of my life the kids don't have access to.  Which is why I post all my photography here.
And all my recipes here.
I love a good quote. Here are a few of my favorites.
Outnumbered; is where I post about the hilarity we call home.  It's a blog about the funny, crazy, and yes, the mundane things that happen around here.  And living in a house full of boys like I do, it's also a blog about putting down the toilet seat, the pros and cons of using soap, and whether Pikachu or Charizard is better in a Pokemon battle.
I like to think of myself as the next Erma Bombeck, or perhaps the female Dave Barry. Sure, John Steinbeck can tell epic stories, rich with imagery and symbolism, but Dave Barry can make you laugh so hard you’ll pee your pants. That’s the kind of thing I aspire to. In a house full of boys, bathroom humor will get you a long way.