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Magical Monday

Welcome to a new week my friends. So happy to see all of your faces. Thanks for joining us for another round of hops, features, giveaways, and fun. Today is Magical Monday. It will be the last one until March due to Love Letters in February. Are you getting those poems and letters prepared. We cannot wait to read them.


So before we start waving those wands and getting the magical juices flowing, take a moment to find some new pals here in the community. New ones get added daily. And they are such a joy to stumble upon. I promise. Go check them out. Along with the category pages above. So many new ones get added, take the time to browse and fall in love with some more beauties. The groups are coming along. More will be coming up shortly. 

If you have yet to sign the pledge, then please get to it! We invite you to go here and here to read through these comments because these are the people that share the same blogging etiquette as we do. And you can rest assured that they will be magical friends. We have some people who would love to meet. If you are interested, head over and contact them. Now let's get on with the magic......


Link up. Share the magic and enjoy the day. Enter some giveaways and chat in our chat room on the bottom of the screen. Tweet with us. We love our Tweeps! If you missed any of our tutorials, head here. Please VOTE for us over on the LEFT sidebar every single day! And remember that today is the LAST day to cast your votes for the blog of the month over on the far right sidebar and ladies.......the votes are correct on my screen-there are a total of 546 votes right's a close call but i can assure you that the votes are indeed right.

As promised, the 10 space ad giveaway will be happening very soon for even more exposure. You guys are all fabulous, you have no idea! We need more CO-Hosts for the upcoming Hops! Let us know if you are interested! Enjoy the week. Come back for more action! xoxo

Featured Blog: The Mean Girl Diaries

Hey friends. Welcome to another fab feature. Kick back and relax...we're going for a ride. 
I used to dislike kids, I didn't want them in my life or even behind me in the grocery line. "Solipsistic creatures." I'd mutter while passing a whiney brat at the mall. Children weren't my cup of tea, nor did my future plans include them. Everything changed after I met my husband. Imagine that. I was destined to have a child, a daughter, as mean as myself. Except with curly hair.
Hi! I'm the Mean Girl, Rachel. I love my husband, photography, reading, writing, crafting, fashion and most of all I love my two-year old daughter, the Mini Mean.

My husband Mr. Mean Girl, or MMG, is away most of the time saving the world. He was gone two hundred and eighty eight days last year. Yeah, it's like that. It frees me up for writing and reading obsessively (100 books last year) and for taking pictures of the mini mean like a crazed lunatic. I am the worst stay at home mother on the planet. Not that I am a bad mother (I'm the best!) but saying I am domestically challenged is an understatement. I despise cleaning, I burn everything I attempt to cook and I can ruin an expensive shirt in three seconds flat. Only the expensive ones, mind you. With heading a household not being one of my strong points I tend to venture to my hometown and spend time at my Mom's house while MMG is away. She doesn't have the same domesticity problems as I, so it works out rather nicely. Read: Someone cooks and cleans and does my laundry for me. 

I take a photograph of the Mini Mean every day (176 Days of Blair) while my husband is gone. This tends to be a crowd pleaser as you never know what type of face you'll get that day. Don't get me wrong, she was BORN with a Canon in her face so she works it like no other, but she is MY child, so the MEAN shines through some days more than others. 

Lets sum it up shall we? When I'm not busy being a SoCal mommy, which includes a multitude of activities that ensure that my child will dominate in any setting, I am singing karaoke in my living room, speaking to my sister using an Irish lilt, reading paranormal romances (I write book reviews, too!) and cracking "that's what she said" jokes any chance I can get. I also work out (A LOT) to keep "it" in enviable status, write poetry to keep a sharp mind and miss my husbands gourmet cooking and OCD cleaning tendencies while he's away. I'm not lying. It's freakish, and perfect. His Renaissance Man persona is the reason I'm so inept at things. I've never had to do them. How mean of him.

I may not have wanted children but someone knew what they were doing when the mini mean was placed in my arms and life. No child is loved more in this universe. Funny how things work out. 
Join us on our wild ride and watch the Mini Mean "love the camera."  

Love & light, blog stalkers.

Head over to show some Mean Love, Friends! Enjoy!

It's Comment Love Day

Happy Sunday. A day to be loved, oh yes. If you've participated before, you know the drill. If you are new to Comment Love Day, Welcome and join the fun. It's all about leaving comments on your favorite posts and making more great friends.

To jump in, link up and leave a comment. Go to the blog Above your comment and leave them some love and then visit at least 2-3 other blogs in the hop. Fun, simple and interacting. Enjoy this relaxing day. Visit the groups, vote for your favorite blog over on the far right sidebar, scope the community out, enter a giveaway and stay tuned for more great features and fun.


Featured Blog: My Own Little Corner

Hello there, bloggy friends!  It is so nice to meet you.  My name is Erin, and I have a lovely little home at My Own Little Corner.  I'm a 21 year old college grad, who is excited to start teaching elementary school in the fall!  It's hard for me to define what my blog is about, but I think it's safe to say my blog centers around things I love.  And here are some things I just happen to love.
I love cake.  I took some cake decorating classes a few years ago, and I was totally smitten.  I'm not a professional, by any means, but it is something I love to do.
I love my pug, Maximus.  He just celebrated his 10th birthday.  (Happy Birthday Max!)  He is my little fur baby, and he makes me so very happy. 
I love my family.  I have a small, very close family.  My family members are some of my best friends.  I don't have any kids of my own, but you will hear a lot of stories about my little nephew, Eli! 
I love Jesus.  I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and I try to always make Him the most important thing in my life.  I've gone to church at the same Baptist church my whole life, and it is definitely my home.
I love flea markets.  I love hunting around for fun records and dishes from the 70s.  Most of my favorite things in my house have come from flea markets.

I love to take pictures.  I'm not really that great at it, but I love it just the same.  I decided to participate in Project 365 this year, and it's been such a fun thing for me to do!  But just a warning, my Project 365 pictures are usually incredibly random.  Like these adorable thank you notes I stumbled across.
I love movies.  Oh boy, do I love movies.  You can challenge me to a game of Scene It any day. My favorites are the old ones (hello, Paul Newman), but really any movie will do.

If you love any of these things as well, you should definitely stop by and say hello!  I love meeting new bloggy friends.  And if you feel so inclined, grab a button and share the love!

Thanks for being here. Head over, show some love and make a friend. Enjoy the day! Stay Tuned for some more great features, groups and a whole lot of lovin.

Featured Blog: A Life So Lovely

welcome friends. we're featuring some amazing sites, so if you have yet to be featured, head here for more details. jump in on our Fab Friends Friday and meet more great friends. today's blog goes to....

Hi! I'm Rachel

 I am a soon-to-be-college-graduate navigating the world of Law school applications and sorority functions while still trying to find the time to hang out with friends and blog. I am a Nashville girl at heart but moved to the Bluegrass State for college. The Kentucky Derby, coal mines, and UK basketball might be what you think of when you think of Kentucky, but they have only played minor parts in my time as a resident Kentuckian.

I am a sociology and anthropology major who specializes in the study of Nashville Songwriters. And yes, I do get course credit for going to writers’ nights and concerts! Right now I am making a movie about Nashville Songwriters. Right now I am also freaked out by the thought of editing film for hours. There could possibly be a connection between the two…
I have a passion for volunteer service and have served two full terms of AmeriCorps service as an undergraduate. My favorite way to serve the community is through enrichment education programs and mentoring at-risk youth. I have learned some of the greatest lessons from kids who I am supposed to be teaching.

I lived in Mexico during 2009 and miss it so much. There is no way to adequately describe the beauty of this country in words. I would love to go back as soon as possible and as many times as I can imagine. They say that if you drink water from the underground wells called Cenotes that you will yearn to return. Well, you could say that I drank deep from those wells.

I started A Life so Lovely to keep track of my thoughts, to network with other people like me (and not like me!), and because life really is lovely. It’s good to remember that sometimes.

Come stop by! I would love to meet you!!
Thank You for sharing your journey with us. Head over and make her day! 

Fab Friends Friday

Welcome to the Fab Friends Friday here at FTLOB. We are super excited to be teaming up with Travel Babbles. She's co-hosting this week, so please head over and show some love {she's a whole lotta fun}.

Today is all about fab friends. We've already met some amazing ones through this hop, so if you are new, please feel free to jump in and enjoy the fun. After linking up head here to get started. Read our blogging tips and sign the pledge. If you are looking for real friendships, this is the place to be. We encourage good, healthy blogging etiquette and invite you to relax, grab a cup and look around. We have so much going on. The Things We Do are listed over on the left sidebar. We are down to the final stages of voting for our next blog of the month. The Nominees are over there on the far right sidebar, so go scope them out and vote for your favorite.


Today's FAB FRIENDS are -

We will have more groups throughout the day. We'll just shoot them out here and there. The goal is to come by and interact with the people in those groups. We will have each group members name up linking to their blogs so you can check them out and make more friends. You should leave comments back and forth in that group, @ whoever you are talking to....make it fun and be involved in the chats below-Just Click Join Chat to see who's in there.

We Have an Ad Space Giveaway Going on on Twitter. It will end this eve. Just RT this- 
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Are you on our Twitter List. You should be. Go tweet with our peeps. Ok. Have a Fab Friday. We love you and wish you the best day ever!

love letters - a february feature

hello lovelies!  with the month of love coming up we thought it would be fun to have a special feature during february...we call it love letters.

we will host this feature every monday, starting february 7th and have the link option available.

we want you to simply share a love letter.  whether it's one that you have written for someone else or if it is one that was written for you, share it on your blog and then link to it so we can all see! easy as that!  feel free to get creative with it.  there are no rules.  we just want you all to link up and have fun!

we created a button too.  if you would like, add it to your sidebar so we know you are participating!



Featured Blog: Shutter Mama

Welcome and thanks for being part of such an amazing community. If you are new, please take a moment to browse around and join us on this adventure. We're meeting some of the most fabulous blogs in history. Jump in and link up whenever possible. Grab a cup and relax, we have a blast of great features daily.

FTLOB Introduces: 

Being a young mother at 21 was something I never imagined for myself, nor was getting pregnant out of marriage. Because of my background and current steadfast belief in God, I didn't expect to find myself in the situation that I did. But, as we all know, things happen...and for whatever reason, I got pregnant the first time. I was so scared to tell my family and friends but I was longing to talk to someone, anyone. So I decided to start a blog. Really, with no idea that I was going to gain any notice, it was just to write and expose my heart without judgment. And blogging had become therapy for me.

As time had passed and my daughter was born, it became more of a passion. And people that I have never met were interested in me, in my life, and they wanted to be my friends! And I have met such beautiful people through blogging. They have inspired me to just be me. To write with no boundaries and to post photos, even if a little embarrassing. Why the heck not? Because they too had those moments and before I knew it I was thrusted full speed into such an amazing community of supporters and women and {some} men...all with passion for their children or photography or poetry or whatever! It's been amazing!

So here I am...21 years old. Mother to my daughter, Maia, who is 16 months! Lover of all things photography, dance, pink, books, thunderstorms, and life!! I am happily in love with the man of my dreams and I can't wait until we get married and have more children someday!!! My daughter is my motivation on sluggish mornings and I wake up to the best little smile and kisses! I grew up in Wisconsin but live in Costa Rica full time now!!! My passion is photography!

Welcome to my world and join me for a freakishly, crazy and amazing ride! Hold on because I am a blast!!

Thanks for being here! head over and show some love. Stay tuned for more great features and some amazing fun. Have a beautiful day!

Thirsty Thursday

Happy Thursday! Whew. I know I'm ready to grab a glass and relax. We hope you will do the same and enjoy the company. We have so much going on right now. Lindsay is preparing the Love Letters Feature for The Month of February, Ashley is getting more Features lined up and today we are Co-Hosting with Dats So Cute. She's a fun, energetic, proud FTLOB member who loves interacting with all of you. So swing by and say hello. Your links will automatically show up over there as well.


We don't have a recipe each week, so if you would love to give us one, please submit it to bloglove (at) aol (dot) com and we will of course link back to you. 

Whatever it is that you are grabbing-grab it and sit back. We've got a new place to add your pledge signature. We are encouraging everyone to browse the two sets of comments because these are the blogs that share the same goals as you. As well as the categories and the community pages above. These blogs rock more than you could ever imagine. We added a Life and Laughter Above. So take a moment to gain some new friends today. 


Today's Shout Outs Go to-

True Mommyhood Stories- FUNNY

It's In The Adventure- A great Photography Site

Simple and Charming- A Fresh New Scene

Jumping Jack- A Beautiful Mama

Jump on over to these lovely blogs after you link up and say hello! Have fun, be respectful and an inspiration. Have a good day and stay tuned for more exciting posts, New Features and New Additions.

PS: If you are interested in Co-Hosting any of our hops, have a recipe or Want a Tutorial, please feel free to email us bloglove at aol dot com

Featured Blog: A Day in the Life of a Hockey Wife

Welcome friends, to another great feature! We're super happy you're all here sharing with us!


My Story

Truth be told, I am still figuring this one out. I am 25 years old. I am married to a man who plays hockey for a living. I am the mother to a wonderfully amazing little boy, Linden (after Trevor Linden of the Vancouver Canucks). I studied Political Science, History and Spanish in University and had hopes of going to law school. I shouldn’t say ‘had’ … I still ‘have’ hopes of going to law school. 

Meeting my husband and having a child has drastically changed the five year plan I drafted after University. For now, my five year plan has been put on hold. The way I see it, these next few years are about supporting my husband, raising our son, and enjoying our adventures. In hockey, players have a shelf-life. There are only so many more years that my husband can continue to play the sport he loves.

Law school may be on hold but my life certainly isn’t. 

Our Story

We met through mutual friends in November of 2007. He had just been sent down from one league to another. I had just moved home to work and save money for law school. My girlfriend’s husband was the captain of the local team. He insisted he knew the perfect guy for me: his teammate. A hockey player? No offense but I think I’ll pass. Okay, one movie date. Fine, I'll go to dinner with you. Another movie? Okay. It went on like that for a while. I fought it. Hard. And then I fell ... just as hard.

The weekend we decided to become an item, the team that sent him down decided they wanted him back. We decided to give long-distance a shot.

We both knew from the beginning that THIS was IT. He fell head-over-skates in love with me within weeks … and okay, I fell for him too, head-over-jimmy choos.
The rest is a bit of a blur but … three years later, here we are.

My Blog

In the past two years we have traveled from the US to Italy, Italy to the US, the US to Germany, and Germany to the US. We have experienced a lot of ups and downs over the past two years and while we aren't where we want to be today, we are hopeful that we will make our way back to Europe next season. And of course, we are thankful we have a place to be at all.
My blog is about my life as a (hockey) wife, mother, daughter and friend. I started to write as a way to vent or sort my thoughts out, that is why I do my best to remain anonymous. It's difficult, within this lifestyle, to be vulnerable to other wives and girlfriends (unfortunately, women aren't always supportive of other women) and when things aren't so great, blabbing about it within the group can sometimes do a lot more damage. Thankfully, through this blog, I have connected with a handful of amazing hockey (and non-hockey) women. I love that my blog has recently grown and while that growth brings excitement and opportunity, I am committed to writing for myself. It's my safe place, where I can write openly and honestly about the things I love and the things that drive me absolutely insane. It's my therapy.

Head over and show some Love

Enjoy the eve:)

How to Make a Header From Picnik

Hi friends. As promised, we are sharing a super easy way to make an elegant header by using the famous


As seen in the image above, Click the Get Started now!


Now Here You will see this page-

Click The LIBRARY BUTTON on top- right next to the HOME BUTTON. It will bring you to the Library.


Now Click on the Make a Collage, right there in the Middle. You will then see this page-


Now Choose the 4 Boxed Horizontal Set here on the Left. See Photo Below

We chose a White Background. Now the arrow on the bottom points to
the UPLOAD a PHOTO where you will upload and drag your photos into the squares to look like this↓


You can See the Orange Flower in the Uploaded area. Take that photo with your mouse and DRAG it Up to the desired box and DROP. Repeat until you have all of your photos in the boxes.

You can also adjust the spacing and roundness/kookiness on the left hand side underneath those squares.

Now Click the DONE button up on the Right Side. {Right above your Picture}


As soon as you hit Done, it should bring you to this page where you can create a name and use some pretty neat Fonts. Select Create on the top navigation bar and then select TEXT. Type in the name of your blog {Upper Left Hand Side} and then hit add. You can adjust the colors and sizes on the right hand side.


We chose a basic font and white! And then SAVE! Ta-Da...You have a simple, elegant Header and it looks like you paid someone a million bucks!

Feel free to holler if you get lost! xoxo

More Samples:

Sample Header for

we added a border to this one.

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