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Guten Tag, FTLOB-ites! 

My name is Daryl, and I write over at Roots, Wings, and Other Things. I'm a young, loud, slightly crazy American living in Frankfurt, Germany with the love of my life. I try to fill each of my days with laughter, love, and music, but oftentimes clumsiness, awkwardness, and big creative messes work their way in as well. I'm okay with that, it suits me just fine. 
I'm nineteen years old. Wait, only nineteen you ask? Isn't that a wedding picture? Yes. Yes it is. I refer back now to the part where I'm slightly crazy. I met my now-hubby when I was working as an Au Pair in - you guessed it - Germany. Which, by the way, I did when I was only 17. I know, ridiculous. But like Dustin Hoffman said in one of my favorite movies: "Let's start with ridiculous and move backwards." (Name that film! Anyone? Anyone!?)

SO. A whirlwind romance, a proposal, and a wedding later, I find myself back in good old Deutschland. How am I coping with all of this change? Rather well, I'd say! Life can get crazy, it can get difficult, it can get smack-you-in-the-face frustrating, but those are all of the things that make it,! And Life is something that I most certainly love. 
 Wuerzburg, Germany
My blog is a tool through which I document the notable moments of my creative life. I blog about fashion, I blog about cooking, I blog about my observations of German culture. I tell embarrassing stories and share photos of my adventures and travels. 
I named my blog Roots, Wings, and Other Things for a specific reason, and that reason is this: I refuse to accept the notion that if a person wants to settle down - to put down roots, so to speak - they must let go of their dreams and settle for something less satisfying. People told me that by getting married so young I was sacrificing the fun and the freedom that I apparently needed and deserved. No. Absolutely not true. 
This is the time. The time to follow your dreams, accomplish your goals, go where you want to go and see what you want to see...and the best part is, you don't have to let go of your roots to do it.
Each day is an adventure as I try to find my wings.
Join me? 


Alex Butts said…
Great job, Daryl! I think it sums up your blog quite well!
Hannah said…
Just checked out her blog and i LOVE it!
First time visitor! Great blog! I follow on GFC. Would love you to visit and follow back:
Alyx said…
I'm with Alex, Daryl! I think this sums up your awesome blog perfectly. :)
Kourtney said…
Loved this post! Very entertaining to read, and I loved the pictures... what creativity you have! I'm heading over to check you out right now!

Love the pics & writing style...and I'm going with Stranger Than Fiction on that movie quote.
Heading to your blog now! Germany. How exciting!
Veinteanera said…
I Cant believe it... I´ve been in a relationship for 7 years, and even we loved us shoulder... We are not thinking about married, just to move on together and share our life.
I really congrats to you, for you passion...

Im from chile, maybe is de differentes cultures!

***Sorry for my english :(

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