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Hello Peoples! I'm Crystin from Fashionably Geeked. You can follow me on twitter here and you can like my facebook page here;. Okay, now that my shameless plugging is done. I'll tell you what my blog is all about: ME. I'd love to give you some neat story about how my blog name came about, but really the name is just a description of me. I love fashion, but I'm also a very big geek!

Believe it or not, I wasn't always a fashionable geek. Before, I was just a regular geek. I was shy and awkward. My nose was always in a book and the highlight of my weekend was marching with the band at football games!

If there's anything that the past few years of discovering my inner fashionista has taught me, it's that anyone can be fashionable! All it takes is a little creativity and confidence.

But aside from my new found love of fashion, I also love to write. I'm witty and funny (not afraid to admit it!) and I typically get people laughing very easily. So mosey on over to my blog;, say hello, follow if you can handle the laughter, and enjoy the hilarity!


I love that you have confidence! I have the geek part down, but totally lacking in fashion and wit.

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