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Hey there, lovelies!  Welcome to my blog, Living On Trees!  I have been clacking away at my laptop here at Living On Trees since October of 2010 but definitely not new to the blogging arena.  I have had many short lived blogs in the past that I didn't love nearly as much as I do this one.

My name is Joy and I am from the Chicago-land area.  I am a wife to a really cool guy that works his tail feathers off as an Arborist.

A what?

A tree guy...hence the blog name: "Living On Trees."  In December of 2009 we gave this world the gift of the most beautiful girl in the world, our daughter.  And, so what if I am slightly biased?  That's the benefit of writing a blog, right?

I am a fun, sarcastic, honest, loving, God-loving, in her thirties, wanna-be trophy wife, kind of girl.  I write about life as a wife, mother, student and soon-to-be elementary school teacher.

My blog is my therapy without a co-pay.  It has helped me through a near marriage separation, on-going financial hardship, bad hair-cuts, getting my degree, new mom anxiety and our new chapter that we'll be facing: our infertility as we approach trying to conceive baby #2.

My goal as a blogger is to reach readers that can sit back and say, "oh, I totally get what she's saying" or "man, thank God that I'm not the only one feeling like that."  I write to relate and I read to relate.  Not only do I write daily blogs but I read a full list of them as well. Blogging is the new Ann Landers, right?

I normally write a blog each morning, as it is the perfect companion with my one cup of coffee.  Some people like coffee and cigarettes, I like coffee and blogging.   I'm an early riser and pray that my daughter sleeps till at least seven so that I can get my blog finished and published.  It's the perfect start to my day!  Occasionally I do give-aways and I do host the blog-hop of Weekend Warriors but it's not really all that popular.  Even I forget to do it sometimes.  But I hope to get better with that.

So enough of this rambling on....head on over to the blog and I'll see you there!

Living On Trees


master blogger said…
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Zero Dramas
Congrats on the feature! Excited to check out your blog.

Where Have all the Hobos Gone?
Angelia Sims said…
I can definitely relate to the funds saved using blogging as therapy.
Somsi said…
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