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I'm Lisa, the creator of 'A Piece of Lisa'. I'm a 27 year old designer from Sweden. I love colours, patterns, fashion, drawing, and dim sum!
I work with lots of different kinds of design: illustration, graphic design, patterns and animation. I love it, and couldn't imagine doing anything else!
I live in London with my fiancé James. We have been a couple for 4 years, and three weeks ago he asked me to marry him. That was the happiest day of my life! James is the best person I know. He is really good at cooking, computers and making me laugh. We are getting married in June 2012, eeek! So excited and nervous!
When I'm not working I love cooking (my favourite is baking and making desserts!) and eating yummy food. I cook a lot of Swedish specialties but also food inspired from all over the world. I love to post recipes on my blog and my readers usually really like them too!
The most amazing restaurant I've been to is "The Fat Duck" run by Heston Blumenthal and the only restaurant in the Uk that has got three Michelin stars. I took James there for his 30th birthday, it was incredible! During four hours we had twelve courses, which included dishes like liquorice poached salmon and snail porridge!
I also love travelling and spending time with my family and friends. My favourite travel destination is France, but Barcelona and Thailand were pretty awesome too!

In my blog you can expect to see fashion, art/design inspiration, food and craft tutorials. I hope you will enjoy it!
Here are my buttons if you would like to grab one, thanks so much in advance!

A Piece of Lisa

A Piece of Lisa

A Piece of Lisa

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Yay! So glad to see Lisa featured! I love her blog and she is just oh so fabulous!
Slidecutter said…
Lovely post, Lisa!

Very creative! Congrats on your engagement (how exciting!) and...on being featured!
rachel said…
what a cutie! and best wishes for a happy wedding and long marriage!
Jordan said…
Yay Lisa!! Congrats on being featured. You all should go check her out, she runs a great blog!
Ashley said…
You are SO adorable! Heading to your blog now. XO
Congrats Lisa!!! On being featured and on your engagement!!
Wow, thanks so much for featuring me!!! And thanks everyone for your comments and well wishes!

xo Lisa
Dana Michelle said…
What a cute blog! Can't wait to read more! Thanks FTLOB!

Bri said…
This blog looks awesome!
melody-mae said…
congrats on the feature!!!! off to check your blog!
sécia said…
I love that girl, and her blog.

♥ sécia
Anonymous said…
She's adorable! And yay for getting engaged, congrats Lisa!!

Yasmeen said…
Really glad you featured this - love her style and a new follower. We have similar taste in food which is always a good thing :)
Congratulations on the feature Lisa! Looking forward to future posts!

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