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Hello everyone!

My name is Angie, I am 21 and I live in Utah with my beautiful wife and soul mate Jen, our kitties Wedge and Mau and our cockatiel Jango! I've been posting on and loving my little blog, Lariats and Lavender, since January 1st, 2011. YES! New Years Day! What a fun day to start a blog, am I right? :D

Since this is my little introduction post, I am going to tell you a bit about myself, a bit about what I post about and a little bit about my blog as a whole. So let's get started!

I was born and raised in Chicago, IL and when I was 13 I met a wonderful girl named Jen online, on a Harry Potter forum. She and I became best friends, started a wonderful long distance relationship and even got engaged long distance when I was 16! When I turned 18, I packed up, flew out, met her face-to-face and fell even more in love. I moved in that night and we got married less than a month later! We are now going on eight years together and four married! We're together 24/7 and LOVE IT. She's seriously the most amazing part of my life and so I talk about her. A LOT!

I have a lot of hobbies and interests and well, I keep adding more. I love gaming, geekiness, being a traditional and digital artist, learning crochet, shopping, being outdoors and I am a total girly-girl. As is Jen! I love fashion, make-up, nail polish and nail art and... So much more. Some of my favorite interests include: True Blood, The Big Bang Theory, banana frappe's, Halloween/Samhain, everything new age, tarot cards, blogging (of course!), mythology, archaeology, history and science; Harry Potter, Absinthe, smoking our hookah, visiting the zoo, visiting the library, putting together outfits on Polyvore, pinning on Pinterest, photography, starting new projects and of course, meeting new friends! I am a huge fan of TV and movies, reading and writing and music, my favorite of which is COUNTRY!

I also LOVE learning and trying new things. It's so fun and exciting! My newest thing that I am trying out is crochet and I am really loving seeing my work come together.

I am unemployed, with a dream of becoming a professional artist along with having a web comic and a manga.

Oh yes, I love anime and manga and traveling. I'd LOVE to one day visit Japan, Scotland, Germany, Italy and Canada. Plus many states! Okay, okay... I think that's enough about ME for right now. ;)

As for what I blog about. Well. ALL of the above. I also love little weekly series and participate in many, while also writing my regular personal posts. Most of my blogging is fluffy, because, well... I'm a fluffy person. I really love my little life and those who I share my life with. I love talking about my day, what I wore, what I'm creating, showcasing other wonderful bloggers and hopefully to some I can be considered an inspiration. Even if it's just by showing some of my favorite pictures of the week. I also post about religion every now and then, as it's something I love and it's never offensive. I don't really believe in being offensive towards anyone - I am VERY open minded. I also post about LGBTQ issues and rights, charities I support and SO.MUCH.MORE!

As for why I started blogging, well, simply enough: I wanted friends around the world! I wanted to meet other people who had interests like mine and interests I've never heard of. I wanted to make real, true friendships. And I have and I am ALWAYS looking for more!!! I'm an honest blogger and my blog is a mix of a diary, soap box and well, I often say it's like an e-mail to a close friend. :D

Anyway... I think that's enough about ME for one day! So if you wanna know more, stop by, say HI and I promise - I'm nice!

Take care!!!
~ Angie


Jordan said…
Congrats on your feature, Ang!
Angie said…
THANK YOU SO MUCH! ^_^ So happy! :D
Congratulations Angie. Much deserved. :)
The Corner Girl said…
I am nuts over your necklace! SO cool! Do you remember where you bought it?
Slidecutter said…
Congrats on being featured, Angie!

Great story about your happy life; stopped at where you mentioned Absinthe and smiled because I wrote a post called "The Green Fairy" recently for a FTLOB link-up.

Looking forward to reading more..have a wonderful week-end!
Glo Sews said…
congratulations on being featured! Have a great Saturday!
Anonymous said…
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