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Hi! I'm Jenny. I'm a shy 20 something mother of an adorable little boy and wife to my high school honey! I love art, photography, and my ball jointed doll Kloey. I write and post about her somewhat frequently :P I also have this thing for Hello Kitty which is why my little areas in our house are sorta pink and kinda girly xD
I have been blogging since '99 and as such, I have been through several domains and websites and the lot, but I have learned so much about writing and web design since then. It's been an awesome experience. To learn more about me and read about my adventures in the world, visit my blog Oh So Very Me!

The Giveaway:
leave a comment here telling us what you love about Oh So Very Me and you could be displayed on her site. Winners will be announced next week. Good luck.


Tina said…
nice idea lg tina
I really like the twitter posts that are added into the regular posting. I think that is so clever, because twitter posts are usually so fleeting that most of the funny things we say might have otherwise been missed. ((I also like the grey & pink))
cajunlicious said…
Hi! Following you from the blog hop! I Hope you visit my Cajun blog and return the follow!
- Jessica @ http://cajunlicious.com
Kristina said…
I LOVE the added twitter posts as posts!!
Her blog is so fresh!!! And her posts seem really interesting! Especially the Kloey posts!
Sarah said…
I love how clean and simple her blog is and how easy her posts are to relate to!
Meesh said…
Gotta give props to a fellow geek with a kickass blog design. I love finding people my age who are still into the nerdier things in life.
Connie said…
I love the drawing she did! I love the layout of her site & how her logo stays static!
Love the Twitter posts. I should do that too! Brilliant.
The BabbyMama said…
I love her honesty! Nice to see someone really sharing amid all the 'I'm so perfect all the time' blogs!

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