Sponsor Love with Five Sixteenths and a little {giveaway}

I am Moe the blogger behind both Cross My Hooks & Five Sixteenths. Currently I am taking a step into 'big kid' life by moving out of my home town right after graduation. I love to create things that are nostalgic, iconic, full of color, pattern & texture. Cross My Hooks is a little online studio space for me where I can share inspiration during this transition time in my life. I have a BFA focused in ceramics but I have a love for printmaking as well. In order to keep myself straight I also have a blog called Five Sixteenths where I showcase fashion & decor. I hope to focus on my new little apartment in the coming months.

If you'd like to follow me more closely check me out on twitter & shop with me at With Love, Crochet (my little esty store). With Love is filled with unique & colorful accessories handmade by moi. I hope to see you around!
The Giveaway:

I am looking to bring back ad spaces on Cross My Hooks & to start offering spaces on Five Sixteenths. I am giving away 2 ad spaces (one for Cross My Hooks & one for Five Sixteenths) both 160x160. So there will be two winners! Ads offer a chance to guest post as well! Read more here.

To enter to win an ad space on one of her lovely blogs, stop by then comment here telling us what you love about her. We will announce the winners next week. Good Luck.


Anonymous said…
Ack! I loved Goal Week! I'm a sucker for paper products, so I especially loved the "keep on track and stay organized" post. I decoupage my notebooks books for school anyway but this was a great idea to have all the ideas for the other aspects of my life in one place....in my own handwriting! Not to mention in a pretty book...
The design of the blog is GORGEOUS!! Moe's tutorials and projects are great...so creative!
PetalPetal said…
Love that she's come to terms with white walls. I have too (finally)!

PetalPetal and VintageChild:Modern
Love how upbeat and beautiful everything is on her blog. Every post, picture, even the design.
Sherri said…
I love her shop!! Especially the pink flower hair clip!!! Also enjoy her openness to share in her blog...very inspiring:)
Branson said…
Both blogs are super cute! Love the creativity!

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