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Hey! I am Nicole from BEAN {aka Braeden, Erik, Amira & Nicole).
I am a mother of 2 perfect children – meet teenager girl and toddler boy {yes, I’m quite aware this age difference qualifies me as borderline crazy}.

I know everyone says it, but really… I am married to my best friend. It’s no sappy love story. We met in high school {junior year}. I dated his friend; he was in love with mine. Many years later he proposed, she said yes!

Why I blog you ask?

When I write, I write with purpose {or at least MY purpose}. I want my children to be able to read about our journey. Right now they roll their eyes at me… but someday I know they will be grateful that I took a thousand photos a day of them and blogged all their embarrassing moments ;)

I want them to remember that I am not perfect meanest mom, that I have a huge amount of love for my family. I have friends. I laugh. I create. I am addicted to Starbucks and vanilla anything. I make treats… lots and lots of treats. I spend countless hours in the car {not for my own outings}. Oh yeah, and work somewhere in there.

And, I’m not alone! I have met some incredible women and families – all doing so much… sharing their trials, tribulations, secrets and advice – all via blogs.

Essentially, my blog has become my scrapbook – about life, everyday.

Although, I should warn you… I follow my own rules when it comes to punctuation and grammar {in my defense, I have to abide by every rule known to exist while working so outside of the school, I consider myself free}. I use dots… and dashes – like a teenager uses black eyeliner! I have no idea if I’m using them correctly and I. don’t. care. I put them in for effect… I am out of control. I know. I apologize to all the English majors out there.

Come visit, please.


Cat said…
Great "behind the blog" post! Love Starbucks and I am obsessed with making treats...cookies, cakes, pies, bars...if it has sugar I will bake it up!

xx Cat brideblu
Slidecutter said…
Enjoyed your post as well as your reasons for blogging; a journey many of us share!

Congrats on being featured!!

Abi P. said…
You are so real, and I love that!
I love Starbucks, but I'm a chocolate lover ;)
I'm not much of a grammar person either and I was an English major in college! LOL! I'm heading to your blog right now :)
nicole. said…
aw yeah ME. thanks ladies.
rhiannon.wall said…
I just had a look at your blog. I think it is such a great idea to make it as more of a scrapbook your children can read over when they are older. The way you write it is so detailed and enthusiastic.
melody-mae said…
congrats to BEAN!!! She so deserves this. I love your blog babe! (finally got my blog working again, yay!)

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