The Album #3

photo feature: 100 Miles Highway

Welcome to THE ALBUM
a place to share your monthly photos from wordless wed posts, silent sunday or any photo challenging posts. this is your chance to show your adorable photographs and gain some friends. Link to the Post and Not the Blog! if you do, it will be deleted.
photo feature: i take pictures

if you would like a photograph to be featured here in our posts, simply email bloglove at aol dot com or leave the link in our comments. xo


enjoy the day!


Missy said…
I haven't done much photo taking this week but did take the camera into the kitchen with me for Royal Wedding BBQ prep haha!! Hope you're all having a good weekend!

Missy x
Jenny said…
I haven't found any challenges that I can contribute to since I don't take photos often. But I hope everyone is having a great weekend! :D
King Corvid said…
I've been meaning to bring my camera along with me. I guess this is as good a reason as any!
Erika said…
Yay, Sundays are my official Snapshot days :D And I spent the weekend at my folks, so I got to take some real snazzy shots of her geckos. They're so cute <3
Katherina said…
Yey! Thanks for featuring me :)
1 Funky Woman said…
I suck at taking pictures or I would link up! What kind of camera do you have hon? Because you always take fab pics!

Erika said…
Aah, I just realized I double posted XD Oops, lost track, sorry ._. Meep
lacherie_17 said…
Hahaha I just double posted but I don't see my linky :(
Anonymous said…
sounds like fun, thought I would join!!
happy to find a place to share my love for photography, my lack of knowledge and the ways I may up for this with lots of AMOR!

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