Bohemian Backbone- on We Heart Shops

who's ready to shop spring? bohemian backbone is on we heart shops! new arrivals are here and we are loving the soon to be warm weather.

check out these really pretty earrings. they're just calling your name! love them. they also come in black and white. if bows aren't your style then check out the gorgeous flowers.

shop vintage!

you can also create your look on bohemian backbone-

and the tops are just stunning!

to get more of bohemian backbone, check out their ad on we heart shops and go directly to their link to shop for new fashion!

to get your shop featured, go here!


Keri said…
AHH! This is such a great surprise! Thank you, Thank you!!
Keri~Bohemian Backbone.
Erin Wallace said…
The top is stunning! LOVE love love!
I believe I am in love with this shop!
mmbear said…
I am a new follower from the Tuesdsy Blog Hop. I am also new to blogging with a little over 2 months now. I am still pretty new so I have alot to learn before I can do reviews let alone contests but I do post other bloggers contests that I find interesting for my readers. I would love a follow back! Thanks

Heather M said…
Ok I found were I need to spend my tax refund!!! I love it all!!!
Stacey said…
Hey! So excited to let you know that I really love your blog & have awarded you with a blogger award! Redeem it here :)
Jenna said…
Love Bohemian Backbone and am glad she got featured :)

shah wharton said…
I'm loving that blouse! Love the chiffony material and colours. Shah .X
Anonymous said…
I love those earrings. I haven't been able to wear normal earrings in YEARS. My ears have been gaged but I recently took them out. Just waiting for everything to close up so I can start wearing these little cuties :]

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